Thursday, June 03, 2004

We planted this tree last night; it is a Mountain Ash tree. We planted it at the end of our driveway.

Today, I went to my last day of class at PSU for spring term. Summer session begins in 3 weeks. Landon has been outside assembling our new bookcase, and staining it golden oak. It's taking him all day! Funny how some of the projects you think will take the smallest amount of time take the longest, and the projects you think will take the longest are completed within a small amount of time.


Landon Kuhn said...

From now on my policy is: if it don't come finished, don't buy it!

claudia said...

Tell Landon that is my policy,also! After years and years of assembly work -- trying to save money, I just want someone else to do all the "a" goes to "e" at the elbow of "j" and just stain and then re-stain and finish! Yeh, right! I guess in America we think our time is more valuable to us but I think it is that I value my sanity more.
Love, MOM

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