Friday, June 11, 2004

We had Landon's grandparents and parents over for dinner tonight. Sam and Rachel flew in on Thursday evening. They came over to see our new house, and to have dinner. Later this evening, Landon and I went over to Damien and Laurie's new house to hang out. Landon and Damien played pool for awhile, while Laurie and I talked. After about an hour, we all started watching Indiana Jones. We got about halfway through the first one, and a few of us started falling asleep. Damien loaned me the whole collection, so I can watch them over my break from school. I was SO tired tonight by the time we crawled into bed at 11pm. Not pregnant, 11pm was a normal time for me to get to bed, now that I am pregnant, it feels like 2am to me!


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