Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Today we went to Home Depot, then Trader Joe's, then Lowe's, where we bought our new lawnmower. Here is a picture of Landon mowing our backyard. He assembled the mower, and has already mowed half of the yard. I'm glad Dad recommended getting a gas powered mower, because the electric one would have been a pain in the neck with the cord! We just have too much yard to have an electric mower, unfortunately. We couldn't afford the Honda model, but got one that is highly recommended on Consumer Reports for a lot less than the Honda would have cost. As long as it works, that is all I care about! Currently, I'm trying to get things put away and am working inside. Later, I will go outside to put some more plants into the ground. --Karli


claudia said...

At this rate you and Landon will end up losing a lot of weight wheither you are trying to or not! It looks like a lot of work and it makes me think that we have that much and more to do but it is very rewarding when you can see and enjoy the results. Tell Landon that he looks like a real pro at this yard stuff.
Love, MOM

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