Thursday, June 10, 2004

Today I went to Home Depot while Priscilla was at the vet and bought some more plants for outside. I bought four pots of these flowers, which are supposed to attract butterflies. After I unloaded them out of the car, I turned around, and there was already a butterfly on the flower! I ran into the house and grabbed the camera, and snapped these two pictures. When they said these flowers attract butterflies, they weren't kidding! These flowers are called Pincushion Flowers, and were the 2000 Perennial of the Year. On sale at Home Depot! Karli


claudia said...

You and Landon need to seriously buy some major stock in Home Depot. Better yet you should go on one of those Home Depot home make-over shows!
Beautiful flowers and --- you are awfully quick with running into the house to get the camera.

Landon Kuhn said...

Yes, nice pictures!

cindy said...

Very beautiful Oregon Swallowtail butterfly. That is our state insect. Did you know that Karli?

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