Saturday, June 26, 2004
This morning, I met Sharla & Jen down on Hawthorne, and we had breakfast at the Hawthorne Cafe, then walked around Hawthorne and shopped around, although none of us bought anything. We went to Ben & Jerry's to have some ice cream, walked around some more, then departed. It didn't seem like we were down there for very long, but when I got in the car, I realized I had been gone for four hours! I drove home to find Landon taking a shower after working in the yard all day. We did some reading, then got ready to go to Ed's BBQ. It was a fun BBQ. Ed lives nearby us, so it was really just up the street. It's always nice to hang out with Landon's co-workers. He works with a lot of nice people, and instead of dreading his work events, I always look forward to them.

After the BBQ, we went to rent Mystic River. My Mom had called to wish us a Happy 2nd Anniversary, and Landon and I listened to the message. After we came home, we started talking to our neighbors, who showed us their house, then we had them over so they could see our house, even though they had already seen it several times when the Conway's lived there. We chatted so long with them that it was too late by the time they left to watch the movie. Maybe we'll watch it tomorrow.



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