Monday, June 14, 2004
Six weeks today! The baby's heart has begun to beat, although it is almost impossible to hear.

I will be working a longer shift today, because there is a meeting at work that starts before my normal work shift does. This is my last week before I start summer school and finish my degree! I'll be glad to be finished with it, but may start working on prerequisites for the graduate program in education at PSU. We'll see how things are going by the time September rolls around, though.

Here is a picture of the area Landon and I have been working on this weekend. Before the picture was taken, it was full of ivy and other various plants. We tore most of it out, and have been working on planting other plants in there and spreading barkdust.



cindy said...

Looking good Kari! Your house is coming along nicely!
Well, you should really think about getting your masters, you can always do the part-time program!

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