Sunday, June 27, 2004
Our 2nd anniversary! Today we went to see Fahrenheit 9-11 at the Fox Tower. Then, we came home and read until about 4:30, upon which we started getting ready for our dinner reservations at 5:30 at Wild Abandon Restaurant. We had a $50.00 gift certificate for this restaurant from our realtor, and were looking forward to dining in a nice restaurant for our anniversary. However, we were to be unpleasantly surprised. The restaurant is casual so that anyone feels comfortable, but the prices are sky high, as if you were dining at a 4 star restaurant. The chairs on the back patio were uncomfortable. I finally settled on a plastic lawn chair, which was more comfortable than the cast iron chairs. The appetizer (caprise) was okay. We were given our silverware 5 minutes after receiving our appetizer--that was annoying! Our soup was okay, but Landon ate mine, because I didn't care for all the onions in the soup, which was a creamy tomato dill. Landon ordered the NY steak, and I ordered the Rogue River Salmon. Apparantly, I was supposed to assume that the salmon would be cooked medium-rare. When I got the salmon, of course I couldn't eat it. I only eat meat that is well-done. Salmon should be flaky, not the texture of fish flesh. So, all I basically ate tonight was asparagus. By the time Landon finished his NY steak, which was over-cooked and tough, we wanted to leave, although I really wanted some dessert. We ended up leaving and going to Zupan's, where I got some cheesecake. By this time, however, I was experiencing my second major headache since this pregnancy, and couldn't wait to get home to get some medicine. My headache never got any better, but the evening did. Landon built a fire outside, and we sat out there and read for about an hour and a half. Then, we came inside and watched Mystic River. Like Landon says, we've had a lot of good days in our relationship. Unfortunately, you can't always force a good day to happen on your anniversary. At least we have good days all year round--too bad that one didn't happen to fall on our second anniversary. Oh, well. At least we didn't have to pay for our crappy dinner. By the time I went to bed, my head was pounding so hard that I almost got sick. Luckily, I was able to fall asleep quickly, and the next time I woke up to go to the restroom (I get up a lot at night these days), my headache was only a distant memory.



MK said...

Too bad about the yucky restaurant. It is double bad when it is expensive. You ought to have asked for both your items to be redone for you. That is a luxury price should buy.

Anniversary?! Sorry I forgot it! If it is any excuse, I forget about 9/10 of my own. I am just not a "big date" oriented person.

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