Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I gardened for an hour today, then laid down for 20 minutes until Landon walked in and took this picture. After he took this picture, we went outside and gardened for about 3 more hours. My back is a little sore at this point. We ripped out the circle around the two oak trees as you approach our house, and ripped out most of the strawberry plants along the walkway to our sun porch. After we get it all fixed up, we'll put some nice plants in there, then put some kind of bark around it to make it look nice. Any suggestions? I do have a problem with barkdust, because it is a sliver factory. Anything else that will look sharp, but won't give the gardener a hand full of slivers?


claudia said...

When did you get your bed frame? It must be nice to be able to get into bed without having to get on the floor. You will REALLY like that when you are eight or nine months pregnant.

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