Friday, June 18, 2004

I drove up to Kahneeta today to be with my family. The benefit for Bradley-Angle House is tomorrow, so I chose to meet them in Kahneeta on Friday instead of Saturday (as originally planned). Landon couldn't make it, since he had to work today. It was fun. There isn't a whole lot to do in Kahneeta, but I did watch Tracy, Mike, Robby, and Haelie play put-put golf, and afterwards, my Dad drove us into Madras and we had dinner at Abbey's Pizza. It was pretty fun, but my Mom was pretty sick the whole time, so that part wasn't fun. She's probably going to have to get some tests ran to see why she is getting so sick all the time. I hope she gets better soon!

The bad part about tonight, though, is that I slept on a roll-away bed, and the springs were sticking up into my back and legs. It was a long, uncomfortable night during which I hardly slept at all.



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