Monday, June 21, 2004
Back to school! First day of classes went pretty well. My American Indian Lit. class is in the brand new Native American Student and Community Center at PSU, and it is a really nice structure.

Today marks my 7th week in pregnancy. Here is some information from about the changes going on right now with our baby.

Your baby-to-be is the size of a small bean, measuring in at approximately 9 to 11 millimeters, crown to rump. Dark spots, mark the early formation of the eyes. Pits indicate the formation of nostrils and ears. Your baby's brain is developing rapidly, and limbs and facial characteristics are now forming. Your baby's heart now has a right and left chamber. An ultrasound may be able to detect heart motion. The esophagus and trachea are changing and differentiating into separate tubes, with lungs positioned on either side.


claudia said...

Very interesting, Karli. Even though I have had five (six) of my own and two grandchildren - soon to be three, I never fail to marvel at the miracle of the human life and how wonderful it is. Thank-You for sharing! Love you, MOM

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