Saturday, May 29, 2004
Woke up very stiff this morning due to the lack of a mattress in our sleeping quarters! I was also up most of the night with Felix, who cried incessantly in the middle of the living room until I got up to call him to the bedroom. I think he gets lost and he is confused with the new lay-out of our house, especially since all the furnishings look the same. I don’t think he understands why it looks like our apartment, but doesn’t smell like it or is laid out like it. Oh, well. My sleep will suffer in the meantime, but I think he will get used to this pretty quickly—I hope, anyway!

Priscilla seems to have adjusted by now just fine.

Landon’s parents brought Burgerville over at around 1:30pm. By then, the movers had moved all of our stuff, and did an excellent (albeit expensive) job. Even my entertainment armoire was moved without the least bit of panic and came into the new living room without so much as a ding or a small scratch. Very good! Worth the money, I’ll tell you! Last time, it took 6 people to move that thing. With Travis, it took one man (him) and the second mover coaching him on where to go. He’s one strong man!

Landon’s parents stayed throughout the afternoon, and Susan and I went to Fred Meyer later in the afternoon to get ingredients to make burritos.

Landon and I are feeling very excited about this house, and are even more confident now that we have moved that we made the right decision. It is the perfect property for us! I think we are going to be happy here—and, one day, Felix will realize it will make him happy, too. He just isn’t at that point quite yet.


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