Saturday, May 15, 2004
Today was my last day in Children's Lit. Yeah! I'm done! I just have the one class now until we move, which, by the way is in less than TWO WEEKS!

When I came home, I found that Landon had packed about 10 boxes, bought me yet another house plant (I have over 30 already), and placed a bouquet of flowers in a vase. Ahhh, isn't he sweet (not to mention useful!)?

Tonight, we are having a good time over at Laurie & Damien's new 3100 sq. ft. house. Landon and Damien are playing pool, Laurie is downstairs dishing up ice cream for us, and I am on Damien's computer updating my blog. Landon and Damien have been drinking Bud-Light all night, Laurie has been drinking Fat Tire, and I've been drinking Loft.

It sure is nice typing on a computer with a broadband connection in a "bonus" room that is about the size of our new house!

Well, gotta go for now. It's kind of anti-social to type up a major blog entry when I'm a guest at someone's home.



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