Thursday, May 13, 2004
Today I woke up with a headache that wouldn't go away, so had a hard time getting out of the house for class. By 11:30, I decided I wasn't going to make it on time (class starts at 12pm), so I called Cindy and told her I would pick her up on my way to work. I figured if I wasn't going to go to class, I might as well go to work and make some money, headache or no.

By about 3 or 4pm, my headache finally went away, and I worked until 8:30.

After work, Cindy and I went to Safeway, because she needed cereal, and I needed to get Q-tips, toothpaste, coffee creamer, salad, tomatoes, and croutons. We ran into our new supervisor at Safeway, and that was weird. Then, I took Cindy home, and went to Blockbuster to get the first few episodes of "The Sopranos." I made bruschetta that I bought at Safeway, and Landon ate two, and I ate four (Landon also made a salad with the things I bought at Safeway). We watched the first episode of "The Sopranos," then went to bed. You can't really judge a series by its first episode, but it isn't looking like Landon and I will be fans of the show. We'll see, though.

I read before I fell asleep for about thirty minutes (Phineas Gage). I fell into a deep sleep, and dreamed that me and my co-workers (which for some reason included some of Landon's co-workers) ran away from CAS, and the staff were chasing us through the mountains. There were designated hide-outs, and I was stationed in this shed along railroad tracks. If CAS management found us, they took us on the train on the tracks to unknown locations. Sounds like the Holocaust, doesn't it? That's how messed up my work is right now--the management is like Nazis! It is no wonder I dreamed this dream. Anyway, right before I woke up, Landon's co-worker, Damien came crawling into the shed I was hiding in with another girl that is in my class at PSU, but in the dream was my co-worker, and Damien was all bloody and beat up. He said he didn't know what happened to the rest of the group he was with. Then, I woke up. Scary!

Last night, I dreamed a dream that started with me in the delivery room. I was having a baby. I have never dreamed I was having a baby EVER, except for a dream in which I deliver an animal or a unrecognizeable mass. So, in my dream from last night, I deliver a human baby within an hour. Everyone is saying how lucky I am to only have labor for one hour. They lay the baby on my stomach, and I can feel the baby on my stomach in the dream. I lift the baby up and look at him (it is a boy), and he looks just like Landon in his baby pictures. I don't know why, because I have never heard of this name before, and dislike it, but in the dream I loved this name, so I said, "I want to name him Kenton Landon Kuhn." HAHA!! That doesn't even go together! Anyway, then I started nursing the baby, and it felt really real. Then, I don't remember anything else. I think I woke up after that, or fell into another stage of sleep during which I don't dream.

So, my dreams have been VERY strange lately, but I hope they aren't going to come to pass! Well, if I have a baby, the one hour delivery sounds good, but I don't want to have a son named Kenton Landon!



Anonymous said...

It was great working with YOU, Karlos...At least it made the days/nights go by faster working together, getting into our little tiffs and acting goofey!
Love from your only friend Cindy Jean,

claudia said...

I hate having messed up, scary, what was that all about--dreams. I think it would be nice to have a ONE HOUR delivery and a boy is nice and I don't hate that name but where did that come from? Did you tell Landon your dreams and what did he say? Tell Cindy HI for me.

Landon Kuhn said...

Hey I am updatting my blog now too.

Landon Kuhn said...

Hey I am updating my blog now too.

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