Thursday, May 20, 2004
Today I finished a paper for Intolerance (senior capstone class), then went to class, where we watched a documentary on the LA riots of 1992 by Anna Deavere. It was a great film--I actually just ordered it off of I highly recommend it. It was excellent. After class, I went to Bradley-Angle, where I was given a list of errands to do for their benefit this weekend. After I picked up all of the donation items and brought them back to the office, I went to Fred Meyer to do a little shopping for dinner (we're trying to cut way back on the amount of groceries we buy so we don't have to move a lot of groceries next week). At Fred Meyer, I bought some lady bugs, and I also ran into Jody & Matty. From Fred Meyer, I went over to Jody & Matty's to look at their house and all of their yard plants. It was a nice time. Since they live right around the corner from Mike & Susan, I ended up going over there, and Landon came after work, and we had dinner with Mike & Susan. I was going to make chicken breast, salad, and Italian bread for dinner for everyone, but Mike was already making dinner, so we ate with them. Very nice of them to have us!

After we got home, I took a photo of my collection of plants on the back patio. So, here is a little photograph of all the new plants that I have been buying for our new house! I'm really excited. Starting with the left and working our way around are the following: Lambs ears, unknown wildflowers, 2 clerodendron trees, 1 mountain ash, sunflower sprouts, butterfly plant, japanese snowbell tree, dusty millers, and various other plants that I don't have time to mention here and that aren't visible from this photo, but are surrounding the perimeters of it. There are actually over 30 plants pictured here, and more outside the picture, but it was hard to get them all in the picture.


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