Friday, May 07, 2004
Looks like it might rain today, although the sun is trying to break through the clouds.

3 more weeks, and we'll be homeowners! I booked the Travis, the moving guy, last night, and was very happy when he said he had Memorial Day weekend open. We're going to get our keys on Friday night, clean the property and prepare for moving on Saturday, then we are scheduled to move on Sunday, the 30th. Monday, the 31st, I'll finish cleaning the apartment, then hand the keys back to the owners for the walk-through. They better return our full deposit! I'm excited I wont' have to deal with apartment living any longer. Although I love our apartment now, and could have contently lived there for another 2 or 3 years, our awesome upstairs neighbor, who is super quiet, just moved out, so I'm wondering who they are going to rent the upstairs apartment to, and if it is someone loud, then this apartment could quickly turn into an apartment in which we can't get good sleep. So, although I'm going to miss this beautiful apartment when we move, I'm much more excited about the fact that I'll be in a stable environment in our new place. We won't have to worry when people move out who will move in like we do at an apartment building. After the negative experience we had at Altamont with the stripper who lived below us and loved to blast her music until all hours of the morning, I know that apartment living is very unstable. One minute you can have quiet neighbors, and the next minute you can have party animals living next door.

I plan to study all day and afternoon to finish this Children's Lit. assignment. At 5pm, I'm going to go with Mike & Susan to get some of Janssen's stuff from the place he was living until he took off to California. We want to get his valuables so that they are preserved until he returns. I also am going to get the end-table and the mattress, so we can take those things to the new property when we move---in THREE WEEKS!! Yeah!

Later tonight, Jen invited me over to her place for a movie night with some girls from her church, so I am going to go over and hang out with her, and Landon will go to session. I'm hoping to finish my assignment so I CAN go out tonight. Last night, I couldn't go out, because I was bogged down with homework, so I hope to finish it this afternoon before helping move Janssen's stuff so I can go tonight. Having said that, I should get off of the computer so I CAN finish it, shouldn't I?


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