Sunday, May 16, 2004
Landon woke me up at 10:30am this morning (we didn't get home from Damien & Laurie's until 1:30am) saying, "Karli, it is time to start our day!"

I got up, called Sharla and left a message, then showered.

By 11:30am, Sharla called back, and said she'd meet us at our apartment within the hour.

The three of us walked to Ross Island Grocery for breakfast, then walked to PSU to go to Farmer's Market. Unfortunately, they had already packed up for the day, so we stopped in at Starbucks, then walked back home.

Then, my day took a completely different turn:

I was out on my porch working with my plants when I saw Jerry, Natalie, and Colin (our next-door condo neighbors) carring native plants to their porch. I asked them where they got them, and they told me about this woman up the street that sells plants from her own garden. I ran into the apartment saying, "Landon, Landon, we have to go to this woman's garden and look at her plants--it's just up the street!!" Landon started putting on his shoes, and within two minutes, we were on our way.

We drove up Bancroft, then Hamilton, took a left on Terwilliger, and a right on Westwood, then a left into the driveway of Barbara, who was selling the plants. Her garden seemed magical from the moment I arrived. She had a windy brick path bordered with all the plants she was selling, and a personality that made the walk down that path a pleasure, because she was more than happy to talk about each plant that struck my fancy in just the right amount of detail. I picked out the following plants: 1 Mountain Ash tree, 2 Clerodendron trees, 3 passion flower starter plants, 1 Japanese snowbell tree starter, and 1 Chinese lantern plant. Landon picked out 2 lambs-ear plants and was given another starter from a tree of which he does not remember the name. I don't know how to explain the experience of visiting this woman's house (she is older and I think lives alone and does all this gardening herself). After we bought the plants, she offered to show us her garden in her backyard. Little did I know that her house was built on the side of a hill, so her backyard was really on a steep hill. However, over the 13 years she has lived there, she has slowly made a path that winds down the hill, and all alongside the path are native plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, etc. It is beautiful. I was so amazed that she takes care of all these plants herself. What a great personal investment! She was such a happy person and a pleasure to converse with that I didn't want to leave without getting her phone number so I could contact her in the future about gardening advice or for the purchase of more plants. What makes me even more happy is that the 12 plants we bought from her will have a story behind them, and will have come from a special place--this woman's garden--which is much more interesting and special to me than if I had purchased them from Lowe's or Home Depot.

After we returned home, we unloaded the plants, then we went to A-Boy for more soil and pruning shears. Here, I bought a perenial astilbe montgomery plant, which I hope to plant in a shaded area on the side of our new home. It is really pretty, and has pretty little maroon berry looking bunches on it. We also bought some gardening gloves, soil, stakes, and twine for our new trees. Then, we went to Fred Meyer for pruning shears, because they didn't have a good selection at A-Boy. We couldn't find the pruning shears at Fred Meyer, but we did buy some non-food items we needed, as well as the ingredients to make burritos for dinner. We called Cindy, and she said she would bring over a movie (School of Rock with Jack Black) at 7pm, so we also picked up a 6-pack of Loft beer. When I got home, I arranged and re-potted some of my new plants while Landon cooked burritos for dinner. By 7pm, Landon had done the dishes, and Cindy had arrived. We all sat out on our porch surrounded by all of the new plants and drank one beer each. Then, we came in and watched School of Rock, which, by the way, rocks. It was really funny. Cindy just left, and here I am, typing away about today, which was a very good day, and has gone by without any anxiety, stress, or pain associated with it--only happy memories.

Mountain Ash

in a black
on a brown
in the breeze
from the south
swaying contently
while slowly
very slowly
growing up
and downward
like trees do
until one day
the breeze
that journeys
from the south
through the strong
of the fern-like tree
and makes
a rustling
that sounds like
rice being
into a barrel.

Little pink worm,
whose home is this
on this brown
that holds so many
that hold so many
that grow up
and downward
with the breeze
from the south
as water
from the little brown
plastic pot
with a long spout
the brown
soil and the skin
of the little pink


Anonymous said...

Nice poem!

claudia said...

It sounds like you had a very full weekend! I think it is nice that you happened on this lady's yard. Maybe I can come and see your plants some time.
Where did the poems come from? Did you make them up?
Love, MOM
P.S. Tell Landon that I think he is being a good husband and being very helpful!

Anonymous said...

You're a Sap!

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