Friday, May 14, 2004
I received a letter in the mail today from the English Dept. at PSU. The letter notified me that I did not win the Nina Mae Kellogg Award, although I should still be honored to be selected as a candidate. I am really disappointed about this, but there is nothing I can do about it. I had a 1 in 15 chance at it, right? For some reason, I really thought I had a good chance at winning this, but I didn't. I'm just super bummed out about it.

Landon just left for session, and I'm home after a long day at Bradley-Angle preparing the newsletter that went out about the summer events. Landon noticed that the time for the benefit they are playing at isn't listed on the flyer, so I'm really bummed about that on top of everything else. I spent about seven hours at Bradley-Angle today folding, stuffing, labeling, and inserting. Lots of manuel labor that you know could be done in minutes by a machine, but these non-profits can't afford machines, so they use volunteers. That's where I spent 7 hours today--doing what a machine could have done in minutes. So, to think that I spent that much time on something that is now in the mail that could have been much more effective had the TIME BEEN ON IT is frustrating to me. The thing is, the director didn't include the time on any of the events. They just put the date and the description of the event. Landon's right--it would have been better to have the times listed there, but they aren't, so there is nothing I can do about it now (just like there is nothing I can do now about not winning the award).

Okay--must go study.


claudia said...

I'm really sorry that you didn't get it but I am really proud of you that you were nominated for it out of fifteen candidates. Keep up the good work Karli girl!!
Love, MOM

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