Sunday, May 09, 2004
I love what has done with their website! Much better!

Today, we went to McMinnville for Mother's Day. It was a nice day. My dad BBQ'd salmon, and my Mom made bread, broccoli salad, and scampi with bacon wrapped around it. Landon and I brought down a salad. Kaenan & Shelly were there, Kristi, Zac, and Ashton, and Robby & Mijha. Tracy & Mike were spending Mother's Day with Becky and Dave. My mom got Kristi 3 candles that sit on a mosaic-like stand, Shelly received cutting mats (and one other thing that I can't remember), and my Mom received a hand-painted ceramic dish with a lid from Landon and I for her to put things like jewelry in, a cute pink blouse from Shelly, and a dish that is mounted on a stand from Kristi & Zac. It was a nice Mother's Day.

We left at around 4:30pm, and followed Shelly to see her new apartment in Newberg. I was really surprised to find that it is quite nice. She has no one above or below her, and the property is quiet and has nice trees and grass. I hope it works out there, because the place is pretty nice. It will be an adjustment getting used to living alone, but there are always pros and cons!

When I got home last night, I just did laundry and after finding about 10-15 pots down in the basement that were left by previous tenants, I spent the rest of the evening potting a lot of my plants that needed transplanting. I found some really cool pots! I am lucky!



Beetles and Bees said...

I love blogger's new commenting feature! Much better than my old one!

Anonymous said...

Karli is the Potting Fairy!

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