Tuesday, May 11, 2004
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Today was weird. During the day, I wasn't in the best of spirits, but I don't know why. I was just melancholy. I think I'm feeling a lot of different kinds of emotions with this whole move, and it is really getting to me in some ways. I'm excited, nervous, stressed, happy, reminiscent, looking forward, and sad (to leave our lovely apartment) all at the same time.

After class today (some students got into a debate about the Iraq abuse), I went to return the library books I checked out last week for my Children's Lit. class, then went to work. It's been super busy all day, and I've been working really hard. The students in class today were arguing, and it kind of upset me, because the teacher wasn't taking charge of the comments, and I just don't like to be around people fighting about the war and abuse in Iraq, because it just isn't pleasant.

I'm off to Trader Joe's now with Cindy. Work is over! I need to get a few things, and plus, I'm very hungry. I almost passed out at work today, because I had not eaten much all day. Scary!



claudia said...


I am sad because they will not let me do nice things with my blog like you have because you have to be public to be able to change it and make it look nice like you did. Strange Huh! Yours looks nice though!

Beetles and Bees said...

That is strange that you can't make your blog look like you want it to look regardless of if it is private or public. Strange! They just came out with a lot of new templates, so this is one of the thirty or so that they now have that you can choose from.

Well, I have to start packing again! I have to work at 12pm, so I only have another hour before I have to leave for work!

Talk to you soon,

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