Monday, May 24, 2004
Here is a picture of what will be our new kitchen on Wednesday!
We just signed our papers for our new house in under an hour. We got to meet our broker, Kate, and I was glad she was able to make it to closing. Celia, our realtor, thinks we will get our keys by Wednesday. I'm so excited that I don't know if I'll be able to wait that long! It seems like a lifetime between now and Wednesday by 5pm. Landon jokingly told Celia that we'll be parked out in front of her office waiting for the keys on Wednesday. When you want time to go by quickly, why does it DRAGGGGG??? I am so happy that we have signed all of the papers. I just got back from dropping off the cashier's check for all closing costs at Chicago Title. This is an exciting time in our lives! I told Susan that it is like the night before having a baby, because it feels like I'm entering into a whole new phase in my life, and Susan said, "Actually, Karli, it isn't like that." I guess the big difference is that I'm not carrying around 30 + pounds and dreading impending labor pains!


claudia said...

The kitchen looks bright and inviting. I am sure you are very anxious but I will have to agree with Susan that it is not quite the same. You have plenty of time to experience that though. If you think time seems like it is dragging for the house -- it will really seem like it with an impending baby someday!!
Love You, MOM

MK said...

Your first house is a BIG deal. Your first child is a HUMUNGOUS deal - 10x the house. You will quickly adjust and adapt to the house. You never adjust 100% to a child - they are very demanding in many ways and their needs change rapidly.

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