Monday, May 31, 2004
I remembered last night that I needed to clean up the apartment at View Point Terrace, because we are set to give back the keys and do the walk-through tomorrow! So, I went over with a bucket, mop, and broom. On my way, I stopped at Fred Meyer, because I realized I was a day late on my period, so thought for the heck of it, I would get a pregnancy test. With all the stress of moving, however, it made sense that my cycle would be running a little late. I also picked up some coffee creamer. When I got to the apartment, I ran into Jen, our neighbor in the condo on the end, and we chatted for about fifteen minutes. She told me about her new bamboo paneling she wanted to put in her condo, and told me she would bring me a sample of it in case we were interested in putting it into our new house. I figured she would run it over eventually, but didn’t think she would right away. So, I went into the house, and went into the bathroom to take the home pregnancy test. Right after I took it, and placed it on the corner of the sink to await the results, which I assumed 100% would be negative, I heard Jen knocking on the back door, so I ran back to get the paneling for her. Jen wanted to take a look at our apartment, so I showed it to her, blocking her from going back to look at the bathroom, while I mumbled, “Oh, this is just the bathroom.” I didn’t want her to see the test on the sink, after all! She left after about two minutes, and I went into the bathroom to look at the test before I started to clean. What I saw was a positive result. I started shaking and crying. I could not think rationally. How could this be? I was so careful! This must be a mistake! I paced and paced frantically, not knowing what to do or who to call. I didn’t want to call Landon and freak him out unnecessarily if the test was wrong. But, I had heard that false positives were rare, and “a line is a line.” So, in panic, I tried to call my friend Jen, who is pregnant with her first baby. Line was busy. I called Miriam. I don’t remember what I said, but I’m sure it was pretty incoherent. I was crying and blurting out information so fast, that I’m surprised she was able to decipher what I was saying. She promised to come over within the hour, and told me to try to calm down. I set to work cleaning the apartment to help me get my mind off of the test result. I washed down the walls, then realized that I needed a vacuum cleaner. I walked up to Jen’s, still red and puffy eyed from crying. She didn’t say anything, but gave me a glass (I decided if the test was correct, that I needed some water after only drinking coffee that day), and offered to carry the vacuum cleaner down to the apartment. On the way down, I said, “Jen, have you ever taken a pregnancy test?” She looked at me like she had been caught off guard by the question (anyone would have), then told me yes, that she had. I asked her if she wouldn’t mind looking at mine, and she said that would be fine. She looked at it and said it looked positive, then tried to console me. After she left, I just kept working, and eventually, I stopped feeling upset, and went into denial mode. Miriam arrived, and agreed the test looked positive, but wanted me to take another one. I didn’t want to at that moment, so we just talked, and she tried to reassure me that everything would be fine, and that Landon would not be upset like I thought he for sure would be at this surprise pregnancy. After Miriam left, I headed home to grab a few things before going down to McMinnville. I put the 2nd pregnancy test into my sweatshirt and headed for the bathroom where I took it. I placed it on the sink, threw a towel over it, and started getting ready to go to McMinnville. After a couple of minutes, I went to grab the test—postiive. I was in shock. I grabbed my things, headed out the door, and told Landon I would see him soon. He wanted me to take coffee down to McMinnville with me, but I insisted I was dehydrated, and only wanted water. As soon as I was in my car, I started shaking again, and couldn’t think clearly. I pulled out of the driveway, drove down the road a block or so, then pulled over and looked at the tests once again. Positive, positive. I don’t remember the drive down to McMinnville, but somehow I arrived, then pretended like nothing was wrong so I could get through Robby’s birthday celebration with no questions asked. I needed to tell Landon before I told the family, after all. I stayed no longer than an hour and a half, then headed home. Miriam called me when I was almost home, and I told her I was really upset about telling Landon, and scared of what he would say. She reassured me, and before I knew it, I was in the driveway. Landon was peaking over the fence calling hello to me. I thought that he looked so happy, and wondered what he would say when I told him the news. When I got inside, he wanted me to come out to the porch to sit with him while Priscilla played in the backyard. I said I couldn’t, and needed to talk to him. I no sooner made it into the bedroom, and started crying again really hard. Landon walked in and asked what was wrong, and I said, “Landon, I’m pregnant.” He looked shocked, then said, “That’s not so bad.” I think he thought something really terrible had happened by the way I was crying so hard. We just sat on the bed while I told him the whole story from the day through chokes and tears, then we decided to go for a walk to Fred Meyer to get some food. It felt unreal all evening—like someone had just said, “You’re pregnant,” but offered no other evidence to suggest it was really true. I felt no symptoms, and all I had was two pregnancy tests saying “Positive.” Landon seemed calm, which helped me to remain calm. We went to bed shortly after we got home, feeling overwhelmed, tired, shocked, happy, and sad in some ways that just having entered a new phase of our lives (buying and working on a new house), another new phase had already begun—our first pregnancy.
Sunday, May 30, 2004
Landon moved the fish aquarium today while I stayed home and got things organized, as well as did the dishes in the kitchen from burritos the night before. Landon's parents met him at the apartment to help him move the fish. When he got home, he was pretty stressed out, as you can imagine, since moving a 30 gallon fish aquarium isn't exactly the most relaxing job in the world!

Before Landon moved the fish aquarium, Cindy came over to see the house, and also helped me plant a hydrangea, the astilbe (Montgomery), and weed the garden. It was fun to garden with Cindy. I hope she comes over from time to time and helps me in the garden. She knows a lot from helping her friend Gena garden, so she can give me a lot of tips and show me better ways of doing things.

When Landon got home with the aquarium and got it all set up, Mike, Susan, Landon, and I went to Lowe's to get some things on our list. Mike & Susan needed a couple of things, also. Mike wanted to try out Castle Burgers, which he swore he saw on Barbur Blvd., and he told us how it used to be this fantastic burger place that he thought had gone belly-up many years ago. He couldn't believe his luck at spotting one still in existence. Well, come to find out, it wasn't Castle Burgers, but Castle Entertainment (adult video store). Funny! So, we ended up going to get a pizza at Papa Murphy's. This meant coming home and finishing cleaning the oven, which I had sprayed oven cleaner inside several days ago. Mike & Susan helped me clean it, we baked the pizza, watched 60 minutes, then they left, and Landon and I met Cindy at the Lloyd Cinemas to see "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." Landon and I had already seen it, but liked it so much, that we didn't mind seeing it again. Cindy had never seen it, and I think she liked it. It only took us about 10-15 minutes to drive to Lloyd Center from our house. It was good to know how short of a distance we really are from downtown. When we got home (11:45pm), we went to bed exhausted after another long day.
Saturday, May 29, 2004
Woke up very stiff this morning due to the lack of a mattress in our sleeping quarters! I was also up most of the night with Felix, who cried incessantly in the middle of the living room until I got up to call him to the bedroom. I think he gets lost and he is confused with the new lay-out of our house, especially since all the furnishings look the same. I don’t think he understands why it looks like our apartment, but doesn’t smell like it or is laid out like it. Oh, well. My sleep will suffer in the meantime, but I think he will get used to this pretty quickly—I hope, anyway!

Priscilla seems to have adjusted by now just fine.

Landon’s parents brought Burgerville over at around 1:30pm. By then, the movers had moved all of our stuff, and did an excellent (albeit expensive) job. Even my entertainment armoire was moved without the least bit of panic and came into the new living room without so much as a ding or a small scratch. Very good! Worth the money, I’ll tell you! Last time, it took 6 people to move that thing. With Travis, it took one man (him) and the second mover coaching him on where to go. He’s one strong man!

Landon’s parents stayed throughout the afternoon, and Susan and I went to Fred Meyer later in the afternoon to get ingredients to make burritos.

Landon and I are feeling very excited about this house, and are even more confident now that we have moved that we made the right decision. It is the perfect property for us! I think we are going to be happy here—and, one day, Felix will realize it will make him happy, too. He just isn’t at that point quite yet.
Friday, May 28, 2004
I met the mover today (Travis, the moving guy) at our apartment to show him our furniture and give him an idea of what he was in for with the entertainment armoire. He said it wasn’t going to be a problem, and the whole meeting lasted under five minutes. When I got home, our new washer and dryer were installed, and Landon and I started a load of laundry to see how they worked. They are pretty cool machines! We were actually excited to do each load, and Landon wants to help with the laundry now, too! It will be great to have our own machines in our own home. I’m so glad that we saved up and budgeted for these, because originally, we were thinking maybe we’d continue to go to the laundry mat for awhile until we had the money. Those days are over!

Landon and I planted a lot of my outdoor plants today, and decided where the path to the tuff shed would go. Landon also designed where the patio is going to go. In this circle, we are planning to put our fire pit, also.

I asked the moving guy if he could move us tomorrow morning instead of Sunday, and he said he called me back later in the day and said that he could. Because of this change, I wanted to bring the cats to the house a day early. This meant that we also needed to spend the night at the new house for the first time, because we didn’t want to leave the cats all alone. The cats were pretty distraught. Landon and I slept on a blanket on the carpeted floor in the master bedroom. Very uncomfortable, but it can be done from time to time—we’re here to prove it!
Thursday, May 27, 2004
The last 48 hours have been so exciting! We got our keys as we were unloading our plants onto the porch. The realtor of the sellers' gave us a card that said, "Congratulations-I hope you enjoy this house as much as the Conways did."

Countless trips to Home Depot--Landon is doing a great job at doing things around the house. He figures out how to do things quickly, and does them right.

So much has happened in the last couple of days. Landon has documented a lot of this. See

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Landon and I are so excited about getting our keys today, that we couldn't get back to sleep after 4:30am this morning! So, we're going to have a long day. The bad thing about getting up so early is that the time is going by even slower! :( Here is a not-so-good picture of the fireplace. It needs a lot of work, which we plan to do maybe this summer. It needs a face and a damper so we can use it this winter. Last night, I got an e-mail from Celia that the key would be left under a bench, so we drove over to the property last night to find it completely vacated, but no keys! So, we came back home in disappointment, only to sleep for four hours, then get back up in our excitement. I'm really nervous and scared again about this and wondering if we made the right decision, but it's too late now! There really isn't any room at this point for anything other than excitement! My nerves are on edge, though! I'll post updates throughout the day (maybe)!
Tuesday, May 25, 2004

This is a picture of me with my nephew Kaenan on Mother's Day in McMinnville. Today is basically a waiting day. Tomorrow is the day we get our keys. I have class in a couple hours, then I'm going to go to work. I hope today goes by quickly, because the sooner tomorrow gets here, the sooner this waiting will be over! I can't wait to get those keys! It will be an exciting day tomorrow for Landon and I.
Monday, May 24, 2004
Here is a picture of what will be our new kitchen on Wednesday!
We just signed our papers for our new house in under an hour. We got to meet our broker, Kate, and I was glad she was able to make it to closing. Celia, our realtor, thinks we will get our keys by Wednesday. I'm so excited that I don't know if I'll be able to wait that long! It seems like a lifetime between now and Wednesday by 5pm. Landon jokingly told Celia that we'll be parked out in front of her office waiting for the keys on Wednesday. When you want time to go by quickly, why does it DRAGGGGG??? I am so happy that we have signed all of the papers. I just got back from dropping off the cashier's check for all closing costs at Chicago Title. This is an exciting time in our lives! I told Susan that it is like the night before having a baby, because it feels like I'm entering into a whole new phase in my life, and Susan said, "Actually, Karli, it isn't like that." I guess the big difference is that I'm not carrying around 30 + pounds and dreading impending labor pains!
Sunday, May 23, 2004

Today, Landon and I went to Sauvie Island to a nursery and bought three more plants: 2 white hydrangeas and one red elderberry tree. Afterwards, we were outside on the back porch eating hot dogs and watching Felix & Priscilla play in the yard. This is our very last weekend at View Point Terrace.
Saturday, May 22, 2004

I spent the afternoon at my friend Jen's baby shower. She is having a little boy, and is going to name him Dylan David Williams. She is due the first week of July. I'm very excited for her and Matt! Here is a picture of us this afternoon at the baby shower.
Friday, May 21, 2004

I got my hair cut at 1 today--looks good! Then, I had to go get Jenn a gift for her baby shower tomorrow (little Dylan David). When I got home, I released the lady bugs in my garden so that they will eat up the aphids. Hopefully, there won't be a lot when we transport the plants next week! I didn't think of that until after I had released them! I don't want them all over the car!
Thursday, May 20, 2004
Today I finished a paper for Intolerance (senior capstone class), then went to class, where we watched a documentary on the LA riots of 1992 by Anna Deavere. It was a great film--I actually just ordered it off of I highly recommend it. It was excellent. After class, I went to Bradley-Angle, where I was given a list of errands to do for their benefit this weekend. After I picked up all of the donation items and brought them back to the office, I went to Fred Meyer to do a little shopping for dinner (we're trying to cut way back on the amount of groceries we buy so we don't have to move a lot of groceries next week). At Fred Meyer, I bought some lady bugs, and I also ran into Jody & Matty. From Fred Meyer, I went over to Jody & Matty's to look at their house and all of their yard plants. It was a nice time. Since they live right around the corner from Mike & Susan, I ended up going over there, and Landon came after work, and we had dinner with Mike & Susan. I was going to make chicken breast, salad, and Italian bread for dinner for everyone, but Mike was already making dinner, so we ate with them. Very nice of them to have us!

After we got home, I took a photo of my collection of plants on the back patio. So, here is a little photograph of all the new plants that I have been buying for our new house! I'm really excited. Starting with the left and working our way around are the following: Lambs ears, unknown wildflowers, 2 clerodendron trees, 1 mountain ash, sunflower sprouts, butterfly plant, japanese snowbell tree, dusty millers, and various other plants that I don't have time to mention here and that aren't visible from this photo, but are surrounding the perimeters of it. There are actually over 30 plants pictured here, and more outside the picture, but it was hard to get them all in the picture.
Wednesday, May 19, 2004
This is a picture of where I will be today at Providence for eight hours.
After work, I plan to drop by Grandma's for Landon's weekly session.

Another special thing about today is that we get our keys a WEEK from today to our new HOUSE! I'm really excited about it!

The above picture was taken a couple of weeks ago (May, 2004).

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Long and uneventful day. Can't wait until this term is over. Only 6 more days until we close and 8 more days until we get our keys!

Here is a picture of our beautiful new house.

Monday, May 17, 2004
Our re-inspection went well this morning. Afterwards, I went to Multnomah Village and got a triple iced carmel hazelnut machiatto with a slice of lemon pound cake, then went to A-Boy and bought a eucalyptus tree, mimosa tree, and butterfly plant. After working all day at CAS, I am now home. Just gave both of the cats a bath, and they hate me for it, but still want to sit next to me. They just don't want me to touch them right now, because they are cranky about the bath.

On a more serious note, I wanted to post a picture of a best friend of mine--Josh Arnold--who was killed in the summer of 2000--four years ago this summer.
Although he is no longer physically alive, his memory and his spirit are alive in my mind and heart. Of all the circumstances in life that makes a person question the "why" in things, Josh being taken from this earth has been the one experience I have gone through that makes me want to scream why, why, WHY?? If this post on my blog signifies anything, I hope it signifies how much Josh is missed.  Posted by Hello
Sunday, May 16, 2004
Landon woke me up at 10:30am this morning (we didn't get home from Damien & Laurie's until 1:30am) saying, "Karli, it is time to start our day!"

I got up, called Sharla and left a message, then showered.

By 11:30am, Sharla called back, and said she'd meet us at our apartment within the hour.

The three of us walked to Ross Island Grocery for breakfast, then walked to PSU to go to Farmer's Market. Unfortunately, they had already packed up for the day, so we stopped in at Starbucks, then walked back home.

Then, my day took a completely different turn:

I was out on my porch working with my plants when I saw Jerry, Natalie, and Colin (our next-door condo neighbors) carring native plants to their porch. I asked them where they got them, and they told me about this woman up the street that sells plants from her own garden. I ran into the apartment saying, "Landon, Landon, we have to go to this woman's garden and look at her plants--it's just up the street!!" Landon started putting on his shoes, and within two minutes, we were on our way.

We drove up Bancroft, then Hamilton, took a left on Terwilliger, and a right on Westwood, then a left into the driveway of Barbara, who was selling the plants. Her garden seemed magical from the moment I arrived. She had a windy brick path bordered with all the plants she was selling, and a personality that made the walk down that path a pleasure, because she was more than happy to talk about each plant that struck my fancy in just the right amount of detail. I picked out the following plants: 1 Mountain Ash tree, 2 Clerodendron trees, 3 passion flower starter plants, 1 Japanese snowbell tree starter, and 1 Chinese lantern plant. Landon picked out 2 lambs-ear plants and was given another starter from a tree of which he does not remember the name. I don't know how to explain the experience of visiting this woman's house (she is older and I think lives alone and does all this gardening herself). After we bought the plants, she offered to show us her garden in her backyard. Little did I know that her house was built on the side of a hill, so her backyard was really on a steep hill. However, over the 13 years she has lived there, she has slowly made a path that winds down the hill, and all alongside the path are native plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, etc. It is beautiful. I was so amazed that she takes care of all these plants herself. What a great personal investment! She was such a happy person and a pleasure to converse with that I didn't want to leave without getting her phone number so I could contact her in the future about gardening advice or for the purchase of more plants. What makes me even more happy is that the 12 plants we bought from her will have a story behind them, and will have come from a special place--this woman's garden--which is much more interesting and special to me than if I had purchased them from Lowe's or Home Depot.

After we returned home, we unloaded the plants, then we went to A-Boy for more soil and pruning shears. Here, I bought a perenial astilbe montgomery plant, which I hope to plant in a shaded area on the side of our new home. It is really pretty, and has pretty little maroon berry looking bunches on it. We also bought some gardening gloves, soil, stakes, and twine for our new trees. Then, we went to Fred Meyer for pruning shears, because they didn't have a good selection at A-Boy. We couldn't find the pruning shears at Fred Meyer, but we did buy some non-food items we needed, as well as the ingredients to make burritos for dinner. We called Cindy, and she said she would bring over a movie (School of Rock with Jack Black) at 7pm, so we also picked up a 6-pack of Loft beer. When I got home, I arranged and re-potted some of my new plants while Landon cooked burritos for dinner. By 7pm, Landon had done the dishes, and Cindy had arrived. We all sat out on our porch surrounded by all of the new plants and drank one beer each. Then, we came in and watched School of Rock, which, by the way, rocks. It was really funny. Cindy just left, and here I am, typing away about today, which was a very good day, and has gone by without any anxiety, stress, or pain associated with it--only happy memories.

Mountain Ash

in a black
on a brown
in the breeze
from the south
swaying contently
while slowly
very slowly
growing up
and downward
like trees do
until one day
the breeze
that journeys
from the south
through the strong
of the fern-like tree
and makes
a rustling
that sounds like
rice being
into a barrel.

Little pink worm,
whose home is this
on this brown
that holds so many
that hold so many
that grow up
and downward
with the breeze
from the south
as water
from the little brown
plastic pot
with a long spout
the brown
soil and the skin
of the little pink

Saturday, May 15, 2004
Today was my last day in Children's Lit. Yeah! I'm done! I just have the one class now until we move, which, by the way is in less than TWO WEEKS!

When I came home, I found that Landon had packed about 10 boxes, bought me yet another house plant (I have over 30 already), and placed a bouquet of flowers in a vase. Ahhh, isn't he sweet (not to mention useful!)?

Tonight, we are having a good time over at Laurie & Damien's new 3100 sq. ft. house. Landon and Damien are playing pool, Laurie is downstairs dishing up ice cream for us, and I am on Damien's computer updating my blog. Landon and Damien have been drinking Bud-Light all night, Laurie has been drinking Fat Tire, and I've been drinking Loft.

It sure is nice typing on a computer with a broadband connection in a "bonus" room that is about the size of our new house!

Well, gotta go for now. It's kind of anti-social to type up a major blog entry when I'm a guest at someone's home.

Friday, May 14, 2004
I received a letter in the mail today from the English Dept. at PSU. The letter notified me that I did not win the Nina Mae Kellogg Award, although I should still be honored to be selected as a candidate. I am really disappointed about this, but there is nothing I can do about it. I had a 1 in 15 chance at it, right? For some reason, I really thought I had a good chance at winning this, but I didn't. I'm just super bummed out about it.

Landon just left for session, and I'm home after a long day at Bradley-Angle preparing the newsletter that went out about the summer events. Landon noticed that the time for the benefit they are playing at isn't listed on the flyer, so I'm really bummed about that on top of everything else. I spent about seven hours at Bradley-Angle today folding, stuffing, labeling, and inserting. Lots of manuel labor that you know could be done in minutes by a machine, but these non-profits can't afford machines, so they use volunteers. That's where I spent 7 hours today--doing what a machine could have done in minutes. So, to think that I spent that much time on something that is now in the mail that could have been much more effective had the TIME BEEN ON IT is frustrating to me. The thing is, the director didn't include the time on any of the events. They just put the date and the description of the event. Landon's right--it would have been better to have the times listed there, but they aren't, so there is nothing I can do about it now (just like there is nothing I can do now about not winning the award).

Okay--must go study.
Thursday, May 13, 2004
Today I woke up with a headache that wouldn't go away, so had a hard time getting out of the house for class. By 11:30, I decided I wasn't going to make it on time (class starts at 12pm), so I called Cindy and told her I would pick her up on my way to work. I figured if I wasn't going to go to class, I might as well go to work and make some money, headache or no.

By about 3 or 4pm, my headache finally went away, and I worked until 8:30.

After work, Cindy and I went to Safeway, because she needed cereal, and I needed to get Q-tips, toothpaste, coffee creamer, salad, tomatoes, and croutons. We ran into our new supervisor at Safeway, and that was weird. Then, I took Cindy home, and went to Blockbuster to get the first few episodes of "The Sopranos." I made bruschetta that I bought at Safeway, and Landon ate two, and I ate four (Landon also made a salad with the things I bought at Safeway). We watched the first episode of "The Sopranos," then went to bed. You can't really judge a series by its first episode, but it isn't looking like Landon and I will be fans of the show. We'll see, though.

I read before I fell asleep for about thirty minutes (Phineas Gage). I fell into a deep sleep, and dreamed that me and my co-workers (which for some reason included some of Landon's co-workers) ran away from CAS, and the staff were chasing us through the mountains. There were designated hide-outs, and I was stationed in this shed along railroad tracks. If CAS management found us, they took us on the train on the tracks to unknown locations. Sounds like the Holocaust, doesn't it? That's how messed up my work is right now--the management is like Nazis! It is no wonder I dreamed this dream. Anyway, right before I woke up, Landon's co-worker, Damien came crawling into the shed I was hiding in with another girl that is in my class at PSU, but in the dream was my co-worker, and Damien was all bloody and beat up. He said he didn't know what happened to the rest of the group he was with. Then, I woke up. Scary!

Last night, I dreamed a dream that started with me in the delivery room. I was having a baby. I have never dreamed I was having a baby EVER, except for a dream in which I deliver an animal or a unrecognizeable mass. So, in my dream from last night, I deliver a human baby within an hour. Everyone is saying how lucky I am to only have labor for one hour. They lay the baby on my stomach, and I can feel the baby on my stomach in the dream. I lift the baby up and look at him (it is a boy), and he looks just like Landon in his baby pictures. I don't know why, because I have never heard of this name before, and dislike it, but in the dream I loved this name, so I said, "I want to name him Kenton Landon Kuhn." HAHA!! That doesn't even go together! Anyway, then I started nursing the baby, and it felt really real. Then, I don't remember anything else. I think I woke up after that, or fell into another stage of sleep during which I don't dream.

So, my dreams have been VERY strange lately, but I hope they aren't going to come to pass! Well, if I have a baby, the one hour delivery sounds good, but I don't want to have a son named Kenton Landon!

Wednesday, May 12, 2004
I felt kind of depressed today, but I'm not sure why. I just know that I have a lot of changes going on in my life right now with the purchase of the house, coming to the end (maybe) of my college career, and not knowing where I want to go from here. One day at a time, I guess.

I worked all day today at Providence from 12-8:30, then after work I took Cindy home (we car-pooled), and then I went to Grandma's for a few hours to hear Landon play at the weekly Wednesday night session. I talked to Matty for awhile (who plays bodhran drums), and Jim Chapman, who plays bouzouki and whistles, so it was nice that I wasn't just sitting there the whole time by myself with no one to talk to. I had invited Sharla and Cindy to come with me, but neither one came. I'm just glad it ended up being fun anyway.

We didn't get home until almost 12am, then we read until 12:30am. Landon is reading a history book, and I'm reading a non-fiction book about Phineas Gage, a man who had a railroad spike blown through his head in the 19th century and lived to tell about it. It is one of the amazing cases in brain science that still baffles physicians.

Anyway, I must go for now.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004
I am the blog administrator of my own account! If you see something on my site from blog administrator--she is me!

Today was weird. During the day, I wasn't in the best of spirits, but I don't know why. I was just melancholy. I think I'm feeling a lot of different kinds of emotions with this whole move, and it is really getting to me in some ways. I'm excited, nervous, stressed, happy, reminiscent, looking forward, and sad (to leave our lovely apartment) all at the same time.

After class today (some students got into a debate about the Iraq abuse), I went to return the library books I checked out last week for my Children's Lit. class, then went to work. It's been super busy all day, and I've been working really hard. The students in class today were arguing, and it kind of upset me, because the teacher wasn't taking charge of the comments, and I just don't like to be around people fighting about the war and abuse in Iraq, because it just isn't pleasant.

I'm off to Trader Joe's now with Cindy. Work is over! I need to get a few things, and plus, I'm very hungry. I almost passed out at work today, because I had not eaten much all day. Scary!


Monday, May 10, 2004
Didn't get much more accomplished this morning besides some laundry. I also updated my blog, as well as my profile on blogger, since they have so many more features available now.

I'm working all day today at Providence, so I really doubt anything interesting will happen today. That's the way it goes when you work in an office full of cubes. But, maybe the day will surprise me. We will see!

Sunday, May 09, 2004
I love what has done with their website! Much better!

Today, we went to McMinnville for Mother's Day. It was a nice day. My dad BBQ'd salmon, and my Mom made bread, broccoli salad, and scampi with bacon wrapped around it. Landon and I brought down a salad. Kaenan & Shelly were there, Kristi, Zac, and Ashton, and Robby & Mijha. Tracy & Mike were spending Mother's Day with Becky and Dave. My mom got Kristi 3 candles that sit on a mosaic-like stand, Shelly received cutting mats (and one other thing that I can't remember), and my Mom received a hand-painted ceramic dish with a lid from Landon and I for her to put things like jewelry in, a cute pink blouse from Shelly, and a dish that is mounted on a stand from Kristi & Zac. It was a nice Mother's Day.

We left at around 4:30pm, and followed Shelly to see her new apartment in Newberg. I was really surprised to find that it is quite nice. She has no one above or below her, and the property is quiet and has nice trees and grass. I hope it works out there, because the place is pretty nice. It will be an adjustment getting used to living alone, but there are always pros and cons!

When I got home last night, I just did laundry and after finding about 10-15 pots down in the basement that were left by previous tenants, I spent the rest of the evening potting a lot of my plants that needed transplanting. I found some really cool pots! I am lucky!

Saturday, May 08, 2004
I am SO excited! I just got back from ordering our custom-made bed frame from a master craftsman! It is going to be done in oak with gold stain, and is going to be copied from a frame I picked out from a Crate & Barrel catalog. I am SO excited, because after all these years, I'll finally get the luxary of sleeping on a BED FRAME and not on the FLOOR! YEAH!!

Other than that, I got up early this morning, turned in my Children's Lit. project at PSU, and then Landon and I went to Starbucks, went to Farmer's Market, Tuff Shed outlet to order another shelf to be put into our tuff shed, Home Depot to look for a cleaner for our new fireplace and gravel for under our tuff shed, dropped off some extra basil leaves I got at Farmer's Market for Susan, went to Trader Joe's to get some lunch, went to Limbo's to get Mother's Day gifts, then came home. It was after we came home and I dropped off Landon that I went down and placed the order for our bed frame. Once again, I am SO excited about it!! It is going to be custom-made just for us!

To sum up our current schedule for the week we move, we are moving on Sunday the 30th. We get our keys on the 28th, and will be in the property that night and all day Saturday cleaning and getting things ready for the move. On Tuesday, the 1st of June, our bed frame will be delivered, and on Friday the 4th our Tuff Shed is going to be delivered and built on-site. Sometime that week, our new front-loading washer and new dryer will be delivered. Needless to say, it is going to be a VERY busy week!

Friday, May 07, 2004
Looks like it might rain today, although the sun is trying to break through the clouds.

3 more weeks, and we'll be homeowners! I booked the Travis, the moving guy, last night, and was very happy when he said he had Memorial Day weekend open. We're going to get our keys on Friday night, clean the property and prepare for moving on Saturday, then we are scheduled to move on Sunday, the 30th. Monday, the 31st, I'll finish cleaning the apartment, then hand the keys back to the owners for the walk-through. They better return our full deposit! I'm excited I wont' have to deal with apartment living any longer. Although I love our apartment now, and could have contently lived there for another 2 or 3 years, our awesome upstairs neighbor, who is super quiet, just moved out, so I'm wondering who they are going to rent the upstairs apartment to, and if it is someone loud, then this apartment could quickly turn into an apartment in which we can't get good sleep. So, although I'm going to miss this beautiful apartment when we move, I'm much more excited about the fact that I'll be in a stable environment in our new place. We won't have to worry when people move out who will move in like we do at an apartment building. After the negative experience we had at Altamont with the stripper who lived below us and loved to blast her music until all hours of the morning, I know that apartment living is very unstable. One minute you can have quiet neighbors, and the next minute you can have party animals living next door.

I plan to study all day and afternoon to finish this Children's Lit. assignment. At 5pm, I'm going to go with Mike & Susan to get some of Janssen's stuff from the place he was living until he took off to California. We want to get his valuables so that they are preserved until he returns. I also am going to get the end-table and the mattress, so we can take those things to the new property when we move---in THREE WEEKS!! Yeah!

Later tonight, Jen invited me over to her place for a movie night with some girls from her church, so I am going to go over and hang out with her, and Landon will go to session. I'm hoping to finish my assignment so I CAN go out tonight. Last night, I couldn't go out, because I was bogged down with homework, so I hope to finish it this afternoon before helping move Janssen's stuff so I can go tonight. Having said that, I should get off of the computer so I CAN finish it, shouldn't I?
Thursday, May 06, 2004
Everything is complete with the mortgage company! We just have to sign the papers now!

Today is a reading marathon. I have a lot of books to read between today and tomorrow for this final project due in Children's Literature on Saturday morning!

Read, read, read, read, read!

By the end of this, I will have read 15 picture books, 15 non-fiction picture books, 5 classic novels, 5 realistic novels, and 5 fantasy and fiction novels--in total, 45 books!!!

Wednesday, May 05, 2004
I read all morning, then I went to work all day. After work, I went to Grandma's Restaurant, where Landon has his weekly Wednesday night session. I sat and talked with Jody, who is the wife of Matty, who plays the bodrun drum in the session with Landon.

Landon had fallen asleep after getting home from work, so was an hour late for the session. He has been really tired lately, because he's had a lot of late nights and early mornings!

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I liked the video we watched today in class about Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, the women who started the women's movement, which led to women being given the right to vote, although they never saw this happen in their lifetime.

Landon went and played pool with Joel at Laurelthirst, and I stayed home all night and read.

Monday, May 03, 2004
Worked 12-8:30 today!
Before work, I read for awhile, then went to mail a book to a guy that bought it from me on, printed off a letter of recommendation that I wrote for Cindy at Kinko's (our printer hasn't been working), and went to Starbucks for coffee and Safeway to get something for lunch, then went to work, which is where I have been all day long. I forgot how depressing this place is.

After work, I'm going to go to the open mic at The Goodfoot in NE Portland, because Landon and Tim are playing there for the open mic. Should be fun. Patrick is going to go with me, so I'll have someone to talk to. Maybe Cindy will show up later. Ciao-Karli
Sunday, May 02, 2004
Today I read for about an hour, then got up and took a shower and got dressed. By this time, Landon had done the dishes, taken care of the aquarium, and had left for a bike ride around SW Portland. Cindy came over at 11am to drop off the digital camera, and then went with me while I did a few errands (Goodwill, Blockbuster), and then we went to Safeway so she could get some groceries. We also stopped by Starbucks for coffee.

When we got back, Cindy went home, and Landon and I walked down to Macadam by the Spaghetti Factory and got on the trolley that runs to Lake Oswego. It was a really nice day out, and the round trip took about an hour and a half. The trolley runs across two trestles, and the track runs next to the Willamette River and by some really nice riverside homes. We had a nice afternoon together, and finished the trip by having spaghetti for lunch at the Spaghetti Factory.

Since coming home, I've been reading. I finished one book, and am now about 50 pages into Huckleberry Finn. I had hoped to get 100 pages read tonight, but so far I'm getting tired, and am not making a lot of headway. If I end up going to bed without reading anymore, I'll need to get up early tomorrow and start reading. I work tomorrow at 12pm, so I only have the morning hours to get the reading done.

Saturday, May 01, 2004
Class all day--weather was nice--Landon sat in with me from time to time in my class.
Came home--
Went to Mike & Susan's for dinner and a movie (Kill Bill).
Movie not recommended, although people have told me good things about it.
Went to Jen & Seth's to drop in on Seth's 30th birthday party.
It was fun to talk to Sharla and Jen and see some people like Dave Ahl that I haven't seen for years.
Came home.
End of Saturday, May 1st.

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