Wednesday, April 07, 2004
Well, I like the house better and better each time I see it! We just got back from the sewer scope. Again, we had really good luck with the people that Bella Casa Realty has recommended we use. Tim was a super nice guy, and gave us a home video of the sewer scope. It is like watching a colonoscopy. It is really cool! We found out the pipes are in really good condition, but have build-up, and some places are almost 3/4 blocked, so we are recommending the sellers pay the $189.00 for a hydro-flush, and they have until this evening to respond to our addendum.

While I was there today, I took some time to walk around the property and took lots more pictures. I plan to post them on later today. They turned out pretty good, and are much better than the pictures on the Meadows Group Realty home page (the seller's realtors).

I'm really excited about the house. I feel like everything is coming together so smoothly, and that this house is truly meant to be ours. It is really exciting. We have so many things we want to do to the property, and it is going to be really fun to do projects together if we can do so without stressing each other out too much!

I have a lot of ideas in my head for the property. The thing that I have to be careful not to do is to become too opinionated, because if Landon and I continue to discuss both of our ideas together, we can come to a conclusion on a project that will make both of us happy. However, if I force my ideas over his, then projects aren't fun for both of us--and it is breeds stress and causes fights. So, if we go about this in the right way, we'll have fun, and everyone will be happy! It takes compromise, and resisting the urge to be overly opinionated in certain situations in order for that to happen.

One thing I am very opinionated about is my revulsion for T-111 siding. It is plywood! Good enough for a barn, not a house! This is something I want to invest in. Good quality, expensive, and REAL WOOD siding is something for which I am willing to work full-time at CAS. We really want to re-paint the house, and put three more windows in the house, and in order to do that, we have to put the windows in, then do the siding, then re-paint. I'm not sure where we'll start with all of these remodelling and landscaping projects we want to do, but we'll have to prioritize and start from the top and work our way down!

I think with all the work we plan to do on the house, that I can predict where I'll be spending all my free time from now on!!!

Au revoir, Karli


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