Monday, April 05, 2004
Today was long and uneventful. I went to school, came home, then went to work. Nothing much happened. I'll never remember April 5th, 2004, it was so uneventful--it might as well never have happened. Nothing that happened today will remain in my memory bank. Let me think a little harder--oh, I did have some nice time to myself this afternoon when I transplanted some bulbs from the yard into my pots on the back patio and learned how to take care of amaryllises online. I'm excited to take care of my amarylis bulb now that I know how to. I hope to get into the hobby of gardening even more than I am already when we get into the new house. I need to have Landon build me a planting station in the backyard, so I have a better place to work, though. Okay, gotta go--Karli


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