Tuesday, April 20, 2004
Today I was SO tired. I really don't know why, and class was boring and uneventful. I'm still upset and nervous about my performance on my mid-term yesterday. I did well on the essay, but it was the identification section that killed me. Oh, well. C'est la vie.

I'm making a tortilla with beans and salsa for lunch. Tonight, I am going to Barley-Mill (a McMenamin's pub) with some friends from work, because half of all proceeds will go to the Bradley-Angle house, the shelter I am volunteering at this term. I think I can count the time I am there as college credit! Maybe not, but we'll see. At least I am supporting them by going--that is the important thing!

I am almost finished doing the laundry. The whites are being bleached right now in a separate load, then I'll be done. I even washed the sleeping bags and blankets on our bed. Landon sleeps with 2 sleeping bags on top of our comforter, and then some! He always says he is so cold, but I never need that many blankets! The weight of all those blankets would suffocate me in my sleep!



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