Monday, April 19, 2004
Today I took my mid-term in Greek Mythology, and didn't do very well at all on the identification quiz. I just e-mailed the professor and will hopefully be able to do something to make-up the points I will lose on that quiz. I did well on the in-class essay, but really drew a HUGE blank on the identification quiz. There are about 60 or more figures in The Iliad, and I couldn't even recall the 20 that were on the quiz. I thought it was really hard, and for some reason, the material didn't stick with me during the exam. I hate this feeling, because I studied pretty hard for the test yesterday, and it didn't pay off. Not good!

Tonight, Landon and I are going to go to Hoda's for dinner after I get off of work. I'll eat Greek food and sulk about my failure on my Greek exam.



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