Friday, April 30, 2004
Today I packed the first two boxes in preparation for the move into our new house! It was a very exciting moment when I taped up the first box and placed the first crystal glass inside.

After doing errands all morning, (mailed Colleen's birthday gift, went to Fred Meyer to get packing supplies, went to the vet to get cat food), I started packing. At 5:30, Landon, Cindy and I met Patrick and Christine at The Brazen Bean on NW 21st Ave. for happy hour. I had a coconut martini that I really liked. Afterwards, Cindy and I went and rented a movie and watched it at our place--but, before doing so we went to Starbucks, and that hot carmel machiato really hit the spot!

By the time the movie was over, I was more than ready for bed. This was a long day!

The first box is packed--we're really moving!


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