Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Today, after Greek Mythology, I went up to City Bible Church to see if the Asplund's were in their office, because I wanted to say hi. They were not there, so I went to say hi to Lew Peterson, whom I went to Uganda with in 1998. We chatted and caught up over the course of an hour, then I left. I drove by our soon-to-be house to see what it looked like on a rainy day--pretty much the same, just a little more gloomy. :(

I'm home now, and have been writing a paper for my capstone. I was also able to chat a little online with my friend, Jeremy Conn, from PBC, who is now moving to the east coast with his wife, Andrea, to be closer to his family in NY.

I don't really like the novel by Sherman Alexie, Indian Killer, because all of the characters are stereotypical red-necks, in my opinion, and the others characters that complain about people making assumptions about Native American Indians make a lot of assumptions of their own about whites. It's just not a very well thought out novel, but that is just my opinion. I think the race issues the author tries to present are not dealt with carefully enough, and so the whole novel is portrayed as a huge exageration, and the result is little or no stimulation of thought on race issues. Oh, well--at least I know there are other novels out there that do the job right, but since this one is assigned, I'll read it, write the paper, then sell the novel, since I sure won't be loaning it out to anyone, and doubt I'll ever reference it.

Greek Mythology is okay--I'm having a hard time getting into it, because it is an area I have studied very little. It takes some getting used to, and there are some concepts that I need to learn before I fully understand what I am reading. It's just taking some extra work, but my feeling is that I will come out of the class really liking Greek Mythology.

I haven't heard anything new about Tim's dad, but know that things aren't looking too good.



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