Monday, April 26, 2004
I had a terrible morning. Basically, all the stress of the move and from my Greek Mythology class came to a head when I received my exam back, and received a grade that I am NOT okay with. I studied hard for that exam, and there is no reason why I should have had to receive the grade I did. I stayed after class to talk to the professor about it, and she is one of those hard-core, say-it-like-it-is type people that has ALWAYS clashed with my sensitive nature. Nothing I said was right--when I asked her if it could be related a difficulty with me learning from the teaching style as I was shooting for any unknown reason why an A student would get a grade like I was given by her, I was told that there needs to be more respect between us. She offered to let me write a paper in order to earn an additional five points, although she said, "Why should your failure mean that I have to do more work?" Why would you want to write a paper for a professor to earn some more points when you know she resents the fact that she will have to read it? I'm sorry, but I'm not putting up with that B.S.!! It's like, don't offer to let me write a paper if you are going to be a jerk about it!

So, after I cried for about 20 minutes in front of the professor and finally told her "thank-you" and left, I went home and withdrew from the class. It is too late to drop the class (we're in the 5th week), so I withdrew, so there will always be a W by GREEK MYTHOLOGY on my transcript to remind me of today, which is a day I hope will not haunt me for the rest of my life as a time in my life when I gave up when I should of pressed on.

Actually, I really do think that I did the right thing. I would have to write the final for this class during the week we move, and that means I would be doing even worse (in the professor's eyes, not my own) than I did on the mid-term. In my eyes, I should have received at the very least a B+ on the midterm, not what I got, which I'll never mention to ANYONE (except Landon)! So, if I got what I got by working hard, imagine what I would have gotten during the week we move--probably an F for the course. So, I decided to look into the future, and use some foresight by withdrawing from the class before the grade from the class could affect my GPA.

I'm going to be working 12 more hours per week now that I am withdrawing, and will take 12 credits this summer instead of the 8 I had initially planned on taking.

C'est la vie and sometimes life is really hard and not fun living!



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