Thursday, April 08, 2004
I had a meeting with my professor that is teaching my senior capstone at 11am this morning, and before going to that meeting, I caught up on some reading (Ralph Ellison). The meeting is to discuss our outreach activities. So far, I have e-mailed and called people with the SMART program in Portland, as well as a domestic violence womens' shelter. The shelter has administrative volunteer work available, so I am going to do some hours for them, as well as with the SMART program, in which I read to one to two young children. The program lets the children keep books, and it is a great program to volunteer for if you have the time.

After class today, I came home and tried to catch up in my reading for Greek Mythology--The Iliad of Homer. I got books five and six read, but I'm supposed to be through book 13 by tomorrow--so, I will need to get up early tomorrow and do some more reading.

Tonight, I made pasta for dinner. Landon was very tired and sick when he got home from work today. He has been working 12-13 hour days, and has suffered from the same cold that I had last week (see blog entries for those dates). His eyes are watering in much the same way as mine were. Landon, Susan, and my Mom thought it was allergies when my eyes were watering, but obviously it is not, because the watering ceased as soon as my cold ended, and now Landon has the same symptoms. It was a weird cold, because it made one eye water for two days, then the other eye, then the cold went away. While I had the watery eyes, I also had plugged sinuses, but there was no congestion--just very dry and plugged sinuses. Sometimes my nose would run, but it was not like a typical cold in which you have a lot of congestion. I also would sneeze constantly. Landon has all of these same symptoms.

I did a lot of reading today on plants. I still can't find the species of two of my plants. I'll have to go to a nursery and visually look for the names of them, because I need some more information on how to take care of them.

I need to transplant a few of my plants (my jade, Charlie plant, and Spider plant) this spring, so need to go to Fred Meyer and get some more soil. I might do some more reading first and try to transplant in a more efficient way. I'd like to try the wick method of watering, or use peat moss or rocks. I haven't decided yet. I'll probably talk to someone at one of the nurseries or at Fred Meyer (oh, yeah--I bet they'll have a lot of expertise!) in their floral/plant department to see what is the best way. I might just as well try to get some more books to add to 2-book plant book collection to get the information that I need. I've found that a lot of times people sound like they know what they are talking about, but then when you follow their advice, you don't get the results that you want. Sometimes, reading and using reference books is the best and most truthful way to get the information that you want.

I hope I am "kindly considered" for the Nina Mae Kellogg Award! Even if I don't get the award, I'm still really happy to be nominated for it, and I also know deep, down that I did my best work when I wrote "The Function of Credibility: the Comparative Evaluation of Literature" fall term, 2003. I worked so hard that I don't need a "substantial cash prize" to make me feel good about that. Having said that--it would still be great to win!



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