Saturday, April 24, 2004
Class again all day today (Children's Literature). It is a pleasure to attend an all day class by Barbara Swanson-Sanders, however. She is phenomenal and is very good at what she does.

After class, Landon and I went to Powell's Bookstore where I spent some money on Children's Books. One thing about Barbara Swanson-Sanders is that she is a previous bookstore owner, and she knows how to hook people into buying books. You can't help it! Anyway, I got some neat books, and 19 more are coming through the mail, which I actually need to read for the class. I'm going to have quite a nice Children's Book collection on one bookshelf by the time this class is over.

We went out to eat again at Hoda's Middle Eastern Cuisine--great food, low cost!!

Afterwards, (we got home from Hoda's at 7pm) I worked on my Children's Lit. project and reading until 12am, at which time I finally turned out the light and went to sleep.



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