Friday, April 16, 2004
After class today, I drove straight from PSU to Bradley-Angle house, where I helped the director print off labels and put them on their newsletters that were mailed out today. I also updated some addresses in their data-base. I worked there for almost four hours before coming home. I made the mistake of giving into gluttony and getting an Ultimate Cheeseburger from Carl's Junior on my way home. What was I thinking? I haven't felt very well ever since, and feel like total crap since eating it. I went from feeling thin, pale, and hungry, to feeling like I weigh 300 pounds. I really need to remember how I feel today so that I never eat fast-food again! Well, here it is--in writing--here in my blog, so that months from now when I feel the urge to eat fast-food, I can remember and READ how I felt today.

Well, on that note, I head to bed--feeling like I weigh 300 pounds and extremely tired.

I still have 3 more books of The Iliad to go and a midterm on the epic on Monday--this will be a very busy weekend!



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