Friday, April 30, 2004
Today I packed the first two boxes in preparation for the move into our new house! It was a very exciting moment when I taped up the first box and placed the first crystal glass inside.

After doing errands all morning, (mailed Colleen's birthday gift, went to Fred Meyer to get packing supplies, went to the vet to get cat food), I started packing. At 5:30, Landon, Cindy and I met Patrick and Christine at The Brazen Bean on NW 21st Ave. for happy hour. I had a coconut martini that I really liked. Afterwards, Cindy and I went and rented a movie and watched it at our place--but, before doing so we went to Starbucks, and that hot carmel machiato really hit the spot!

By the time the movie was over, I was more than ready for bed. This was a long day!

The first box is packed--we're really moving!
Thursday, April 29, 2004
4 more weeks until we move!! I'm starting to get really excited. As I type now, I can feel the sun on the back of my neck, and it feels like it's going to be a scorcher, because I think I'm actually getting a little sunburned here from inside my house--seriously!

Anyway, yesterday I met Jen for coffee (she's 7 1/2 months pregnant--yeah!). Afterwards, I went to Bradley-Angle and picked up a bunch of stuff that I needed to drop off at lots of business around town. It took me about 2 1/2 hours to run all of the errands, then I came home and Landon and I went on a long, long walk. After that, I went to sleep.

Yesterday, the weather was just right--not too hot or too cold. Am I crazy, or are we in April? It feels like JULY!

Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Today was a reading marathon. Here are the books that I read:
Tuck Everlasting
The Death of Anna Gonzales

Tomorrow, I need to read Huckleberry Finn.
These books are all part of my 45 book project that I am doing for Children's Literature. Not only do I read the 45 books, but I write a one page report on each one.

I still have to read
Alice in Wonderland
Mary Poppins
15 non-fiction books
The Car
A Long Way from Chicago

Landon is at Grandma's tonight for his weekly session with Matty, Barbara, and Danny.
I am SO excited that Biddy's has agreed to host a benefit for Bradley-Angle during which Landon, Barbara, and Matty will play, donating their pay, and Biddy's will donate a percentage of earnings! It is really exciting! I'm really happy that I can coordinate this event; it makes me feel like I'm making a difference in the lives of women and children escaping domestic violence!

Tuesday, April 27, 2004
Wrote a paper, printed it off at Kinko's, went to Starbucks, went to class, then went to work. Not a very exciting day. Actually, I've just made plans to hang out with Cindy & Patrick after work, so hopefully we'll have fun hanging out and talking. We're going to go to the Alto Lounge on Belmont. Landon isn't going to go, and is at home reading his WW2 history book. He just feels like staying in tonight!

It struck me today that we move in four weeks. I need to start packing very soon--probably will do some packing this weekend.

Monday, April 26, 2004
I had a terrible morning. Basically, all the stress of the move and from my Greek Mythology class came to a head when I received my exam back, and received a grade that I am NOT okay with. I studied hard for that exam, and there is no reason why I should have had to receive the grade I did. I stayed after class to talk to the professor about it, and she is one of those hard-core, say-it-like-it-is type people that has ALWAYS clashed with my sensitive nature. Nothing I said was right--when I asked her if it could be related a difficulty with me learning from the teaching style as I was shooting for any unknown reason why an A student would get a grade like I was given by her, I was told that there needs to be more respect between us. She offered to let me write a paper in order to earn an additional five points, although she said, "Why should your failure mean that I have to do more work?" Why would you want to write a paper for a professor to earn some more points when you know she resents the fact that she will have to read it? I'm sorry, but I'm not putting up with that B.S.!! It's like, don't offer to let me write a paper if you are going to be a jerk about it!

So, after I cried for about 20 minutes in front of the professor and finally told her "thank-you" and left, I went home and withdrew from the class. It is too late to drop the class (we're in the 5th week), so I withdrew, so there will always be a W by GREEK MYTHOLOGY on my transcript to remind me of today, which is a day I hope will not haunt me for the rest of my life as a time in my life when I gave up when I should of pressed on.

Actually, I really do think that I did the right thing. I would have to write the final for this class during the week we move, and that means I would be doing even worse (in the professor's eyes, not my own) than I did on the mid-term. In my eyes, I should have received at the very least a B+ on the midterm, not what I got, which I'll never mention to ANYONE (except Landon)! So, if I got what I got by working hard, imagine what I would have gotten during the week we move--probably an F for the course. So, I decided to look into the future, and use some foresight by withdrawing from the class before the grade from the class could affect my GPA.

I'm going to be working 12 more hours per week now that I am withdrawing, and will take 12 credits this summer instead of the 8 I had initially planned on taking.

C'est la vie and sometimes life is really hard and not fun living!

Sunday, April 25, 2004
I read from 8:30am until 2pm this afternoon without any breaks except to get up to go to the bathroom. Since I read until about 12am last night, this has been a marathon weekend for reading. I had to stop at 2pm, because I had to get ready to go a BBQ that Millie, a woman from my work, is having at her house in Sandy, Oregon. We're supposed to be there at 4pm, and Cindy is car-pooling with us. We were going to make a pasta salad (well, Landon was going to), but didn't feel like it, so we bought 2 different kinds of salad at Zupan's.

This weekend has flown by. Now that it is 3pm and I've just gone outside, I can't believe how hot it is! And to think most of today has been spent reading cooped indoors! Unfortunately, I can't save my homework for rainy days, so I just go into my room, read, and pretend that it is raining outside. I really don't know the difference unless I go outdoors, sadly enough!

Saturday, April 24, 2004
Class again all day today (Children's Literature). It is a pleasure to attend an all day class by Barbara Swanson-Sanders, however. She is phenomenal and is very good at what she does.

After class, Landon and I went to Powell's Bookstore where I spent some money on Children's Books. One thing about Barbara Swanson-Sanders is that she is a previous bookstore owner, and she knows how to hook people into buying books. You can't help it! Anyway, I got some neat books, and 19 more are coming through the mail, which I actually need to read for the class. I'm going to have quite a nice Children's Book collection on one bookshelf by the time this class is over.

We went out to eat again at Hoda's Middle Eastern Cuisine--great food, low cost!!

Afterwards, (we got home from Hoda's at 7pm) I worked on my Children's Lit. project and reading until 12am, at which time I finally turned out the light and went to sleep.

Friday, April 23, 2004
I had a nice day today--Tracy stopped by to pick up a book of mine and we chatted for a little bit, and then this evening, Mark, Miriam, and Sylvia came over and Landon made a homemade pizza for us. We had a fun evening. I can't believe how big Sylvia has gotten! She is SO cute and adorable! Landon also made a salad for us, and we had some red wine. I hope we can entertain more often when we get the house, because I really do like socializing and visiting with people in the comfort of your own home! I like it even better when Landon does the cooking!! Miriam said tonight that the pizza Landon made was the best pizza she had ever had!

Thursday, April 22, 2004
Went to classes, then to Bradley-Angle. I volunteered there for about 4 1/2 hours, then picked up Landon and we met Cindy, Vickie, her husband, and Terri at McMenamin's Kennedy School to hear a woman do a tribute to Ella Fitzgerald (from the 50's). The music was okay--I'm not really into Ella Fitzgerald, and we ended up going out into the courtyard and ordering appetizers after the first set break. We left at around 9:45pm, and came home. It was a nice evening, and the weather was nice. There are these gas heaters outside, so you keep toasty warm at McMenamin's while enjoying the outdoor weather.

I'm kind of stressed out, because I'm behind on my reading in Children's Literature, and have a lot to do this week before I turn in my reaction journal next Saturday. Plus, this weekend is already pretty booked, so I don't know how I'm going to get it all done.

Buy a house--life gets more busy and more complicated. I'm having a lot harder time focusing and getting things done this term than I have ever had before. My mind is not 100% focused on college right now, and it is quite difficult to get things done and test well. I proved that on Monday with my poor testing performance on the mid-term on Greek Mythology. I'm going to talk to the professor about it, because I need to get an A in the class.

BTW, I sure hope I am kindly considered for the Nina Mae Kellogg Award! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Wednesday, April 21, 2004
Landon and I went and looked at washer and dryers today after he got off of work. By the way, Landon once again receieved a great review today! Anyway, we figured out that we are going to spend the extra money and get the energy efficient newer models on the market.

Earlier today, I went to see Landon during his lunch, and we went to a Thai restaurant near his work for lunch.

Tonight, I went to Grandma's to hear Landon play. It was really fun!

Tuesday, April 20, 2004
Today I was SO tired. I really don't know why, and class was boring and uneventful. I'm still upset and nervous about my performance on my mid-term yesterday. I did well on the essay, but it was the identification section that killed me. Oh, well. C'est la vie.

I'm making a tortilla with beans and salsa for lunch. Tonight, I am going to Barley-Mill (a McMenamin's pub) with some friends from work, because half of all proceeds will go to the Bradley-Angle house, the shelter I am volunteering at this term. I think I can count the time I am there as college credit! Maybe not, but we'll see. At least I am supporting them by going--that is the important thing!

I am almost finished doing the laundry. The whites are being bleached right now in a separate load, then I'll be done. I even washed the sleeping bags and blankets on our bed. Landon sleeps with 2 sleeping bags on top of our comforter, and then some! He always says he is so cold, but I never need that many blankets! The weight of all those blankets would suffocate me in my sleep!

Monday, April 19, 2004
Today I took my mid-term in Greek Mythology, and didn't do very well at all on the identification quiz. I just e-mailed the professor and will hopefully be able to do something to make-up the points I will lose on that quiz. I did well on the in-class essay, but really drew a HUGE blank on the identification quiz. There are about 60 or more figures in The Iliad, and I couldn't even recall the 20 that were on the quiz. I thought it was really hard, and for some reason, the material didn't stick with me during the exam. I hate this feeling, because I studied pretty hard for the test yesterday, and it didn't pay off. Not good!

Tonight, Landon and I are going to go to Hoda's for dinner after I get off of work. I'll eat Greek food and sulk about my failure on my Greek exam.

Sunday, April 18, 2004
Today was long and lonely. I spent the better part of the day studying for my mid-term in Greek Mythology tomorrow, and the rest of the day reading children's books. I went to bed at 8:15pm, and had a restless night of very strange dreams.

Saturday, April 17, 2004
The best part about today is that after I got out of Children's Literature at PSU, Landon and I bought at Tuff Shed! I am so excited about it. It is a tall ranch, 10 X 12, has three windows, two sky-lights, and a tall door! It will be painted red with smokey white trim. I am SO excited! It also has a work-bench that is 12 feet long, and 2 feet wide! It will be a great addition to our property, and give us a small storage area that we can use for our outdoor equipment, since we don't have a garage. I'll also use the shed quite a lot when I'm planting/transplanting, etc. I'm really excited about it. The workbench faces the two windows, so as I work, I'll be able to look out into the garden. We also chose to have the door open so it does so against the fence, and not the other way around where it would be swinging in our way or blocking the window that faces the house in the front of the Tuff Shed.

After we bought the Tuff Shed, I got ready to go out to dinner with Vina, my upstairs neighbor. She took me out to dinner for watching her cats the last couple of times she has been out of town. After that, we drove to Biddy's, because Landon had a gig with Bob, Elizabeth, and Mike Beglan. They played really well. Damien & Laurie came out, as well as Matty & Jody. It was really fun!

We didn't get home until 3am, but it was a really fun day!

The best part about our Tuff Shed is that we designed it ourselves!

Friday, April 16, 2004
After class today, I drove straight from PSU to Bradley-Angle house, where I helped the director print off labels and put them on their newsletters that were mailed out today. I also updated some addresses in their data-base. I worked there for almost four hours before coming home. I made the mistake of giving into gluttony and getting an Ultimate Cheeseburger from Carl's Junior on my way home. What was I thinking? I haven't felt very well ever since, and feel like total crap since eating it. I went from feeling thin, pale, and hungry, to feeling like I weigh 300 pounds. I really need to remember how I feel today so that I never eat fast-food again! Well, here it is--in writing--here in my blog, so that months from now when I feel the urge to eat fast-food, I can remember and READ how I felt today.

Well, on that note, I head to bed--feeling like I weigh 300 pounds and extremely tired.

I still have 3 more books of The Iliad to go and a midterm on the epic on Monday--this will be a very busy weekend!

Thursday, April 15, 2004
Not a lot happened today, but I did get a lot of reading accomplished in The Iliad. I'm starting to enjoy it a lot more. Like I said before, it just takes some getting used to. Once you start to get a feel for the Greek Mythology, you start to enjoy it. I also have the advantage of having a professor that is really passionate about Greek Mythology--that always helps!

Tonight, (ironically enough), Landon and I went out to dinner at a Greek restaurant on 34th & Belmont called Hoda's Middle Eastern Cuisine. It was really good and affordable! We both had dinner & an appetizer for $16.00, so that is pretty good! My falafel pita sandwich was only $3.95! I really like Mediterranean foods--that, and Thai. Unfortunately, I'm trying to cut way back on my intake of Thai cuisine, because my cholesterol shot up, and from what I hear, the coconut soup is high in whatever it is that makes your cholesterol go up.

Well, Landon is in bed asleep. I just finished Book 19 of The Iliad, and am trying to "get tired" by listening to TV and updating my blog. I'm wide awake, but with the TV and this glass of red wine I'm working on, I hope to be fast asleep no later than 11:30! --Karli
Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Today, after Greek Mythology, I went up to City Bible Church to see if the Asplund's were in their office, because I wanted to say hi. They were not there, so I went to say hi to Lew Peterson, whom I went to Uganda with in 1998. We chatted and caught up over the course of an hour, then I left. I drove by our soon-to-be house to see what it looked like on a rainy day--pretty much the same, just a little more gloomy. :(

I'm home now, and have been writing a paper for my capstone. I was also able to chat a little online with my friend, Jeremy Conn, from PBC, who is now moving to the east coast with his wife, Andrea, to be closer to his family in NY.

I don't really like the novel by Sherman Alexie, Indian Killer, because all of the characters are stereotypical red-necks, in my opinion, and the others characters that complain about people making assumptions about Native American Indians make a lot of assumptions of their own about whites. It's just not a very well thought out novel, but that is just my opinion. I think the race issues the author tries to present are not dealt with carefully enough, and so the whole novel is portrayed as a huge exageration, and the result is little or no stimulation of thought on race issues. Oh, well--at least I know there are other novels out there that do the job right, but since this one is assigned, I'll read it, write the paper, then sell the novel, since I sure won't be loaning it out to anyone, and doubt I'll ever reference it.

Greek Mythology is okay--I'm having a hard time getting into it, because it is an area I have studied very little. It takes some getting used to, and there are some concepts that I need to learn before I fully understand what I am reading. It's just taking some extra work, but my feeling is that I will come out of the class really liking Greek Mythology.

I haven't heard anything new about Tim's dad, but know that things aren't looking too good.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004
Today I read another 100 pages of Indian Killer, then went to class. After class, I came home, then went to work. When I get home tonight from work, I plan to read until really REALLY late for Greek Mythology. I'm a little behind on my reading, and it has been really hard for me to get caught up.

I've been thinking about Tim's dad a lot today.

Monday, April 12, 2004
Today I met Colleen & Cindy at Starbucks for early morning coffee before Colleen leaves this afternoon to go back to San Diego. It was fun to talk for about 45 minutes before I had to leave to go to class.

Class went by very quickly this morning. I had just enough time to go from Cindy's apartment to class, and luckily I found a parking spot right away downtown. When I got home at 11:30am, I read all afternoon (100 pages) from the Indian Killer, a book required for my Intolerance capstone.

It looks like I'll be working for the Bradley-Angle house, a center that provides shelter and related services for women and children escaping domestic violence, to fulfill credit for my senior capstone at Portland State. If you'd like to read more about what they do, their newsletter is posted on their web-site.

I'm going to start volunteering for them later this week.

Sunday, April 11, 2004
Today is Easter Sunday, and we went down to McMinnville to have Easter dinner at my Mom & Dad's. Landon made a pasta salad, and I made scalloped potatoes. When we got there, everyone was ready to eat, but unfortunately, we had to wait for the scalloped potatoes to cook, so ate an hour later. Everyone was there except for Robby, who had to work at Dad's store.

We went outside, and my Mom showed me a lot of the plants she has outside, and my Dad showed me how they had the pond made.

When we got home, I read for a couple of hours, then we went upstairs and watched "Unfaithful" with Vina.

I was so tired after the movie, and pretty much fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Saturday, April 10, 2004
I had fun wearing my new clothes last night at Biddy's, and also today. This morning, Colleen & Cindy came over, and then we all (including Landon) went down to Saturday Market and walked around for a couple of hours. Before we went down there, I drove Cindy & Colleen by our soon-to-be new home. They really liked the neighborhood, but, of course, were unable to get out and look around the property. The more I think about it, the more excited I am to move into the house. I think it will be so much more fulfilling to work on the property knowing that we own it. I am really excited. It is a new chapter in our lives!

After we went to Saturday Market, Landon and I went to Fred Meyer's to get the ingredients to make a pasta salad and scalloped potatoes for Easter dinner tomorrow at Mom & Dad's with all the Gilliam kids, nephews, and significant others. One of these days, there will have to be a niece added to the family--maybe that will be up to Landon and I?

After we got back from Fred Meyer's, neither one of us felt like making the dishes quite yet, so I laid down on the bed to read The Iliad , however, it didn't last for long, because the next thing I knew, I woke up and it was an hour later.

I got up, and we went to Starbucks and to Blockbuster to rent a movie. They didn't have any of the movies we wanted to rent, so we ended up with "Gothica" with Halle Berry, which we're about to watch right now.

The past hour, I've been sitting out on the back porch (it is SO beautiful out right now!) and have been reading The Iliad for Greek Mythology, while wearing a new shirt & sweater that I got yesterday at Buffalo Exchange. I'm very proud of my purchases!

Felix scared us by running off. Landon found him behind the garage of our next door neighbor. I was letting him play outside while I was reading, but he wandered too far, thus making me unsure if I should keep letting him out. An expensive cat like Felix seems to me to be at risk for being quickly snatched up by a poacher or some other bad person that likes to steal.

Well, we're going to watch the movie now!
Friday, April 09, 2004
Today I went to class, then went to Hawthorne and some clothes for Landon and I at Buffalo Exchange. Then, I went to Powell's, where I bought about 20 children's books that I need to read for my Children's Literature K-5 class that I am taking on Saturdays.

I worked on reading those children's books during the afternoon, then I got ready to go out with Cindy and Colleen. We went to Biddy McGraw's and saw Funk Shui. I didn't get home until 1:45am. Vina, my upstairs neighbor came by at about 11:30pm, and after the show, I took her to get something to eat at Taco Bell. I also got a bean burrito, then I drove her back to her car, and she followed me home. Cindy & Colleen left at around 12:45am.

It was a really nice day today. I've moved a lot of my plants outside to the back porch. I am still really excited about our new house!

Thursday, April 08, 2004
I had a meeting with my professor that is teaching my senior capstone at 11am this morning, and before going to that meeting, I caught up on some reading (Ralph Ellison). The meeting is to discuss our outreach activities. So far, I have e-mailed and called people with the SMART program in Portland, as well as a domestic violence womens' shelter. The shelter has administrative volunteer work available, so I am going to do some hours for them, as well as with the SMART program, in which I read to one to two young children. The program lets the children keep books, and it is a great program to volunteer for if you have the time.

After class today, I came home and tried to catch up in my reading for Greek Mythology--The Iliad of Homer. I got books five and six read, but I'm supposed to be through book 13 by tomorrow--so, I will need to get up early tomorrow and do some more reading.

Tonight, I made pasta for dinner. Landon was very tired and sick when he got home from work today. He has been working 12-13 hour days, and has suffered from the same cold that I had last week (see blog entries for those dates). His eyes are watering in much the same way as mine were. Landon, Susan, and my Mom thought it was allergies when my eyes were watering, but obviously it is not, because the watering ceased as soon as my cold ended, and now Landon has the same symptoms. It was a weird cold, because it made one eye water for two days, then the other eye, then the cold went away. While I had the watery eyes, I also had plugged sinuses, but there was no congestion--just very dry and plugged sinuses. Sometimes my nose would run, but it was not like a typical cold in which you have a lot of congestion. I also would sneeze constantly. Landon has all of these same symptoms.

I did a lot of reading today on plants. I still can't find the species of two of my plants. I'll have to go to a nursery and visually look for the names of them, because I need some more information on how to take care of them.

I need to transplant a few of my plants (my jade, Charlie plant, and Spider plant) this spring, so need to go to Fred Meyer and get some more soil. I might do some more reading first and try to transplant in a more efficient way. I'd like to try the wick method of watering, or use peat moss or rocks. I haven't decided yet. I'll probably talk to someone at one of the nurseries or at Fred Meyer (oh, yeah--I bet they'll have a lot of expertise!) in their floral/plant department to see what is the best way. I might just as well try to get some more books to add to 2-book plant book collection to get the information that I need. I've found that a lot of times people sound like they know what they are talking about, but then when you follow their advice, you don't get the results that you want. Sometimes, reading and using reference books is the best and most truthful way to get the information that you want.

I hope I am "kindly considered" for the Nina Mae Kellogg Award! Even if I don't get the award, I'm still really happy to be nominated for it, and I also know deep, down that I did my best work when I wrote "The Function of Credibility: the Comparative Evaluation of Literature" fall term, 2003. I worked so hard that I don't need a "substantial cash prize" to make me feel good about that. Having said that--it would still be great to win!

Wednesday, April 07, 2004
Well, I like the house better and better each time I see it! We just got back from the sewer scope. Again, we had really good luck with the people that Bella Casa Realty has recommended we use. Tim was a super nice guy, and gave us a home video of the sewer scope. It is like watching a colonoscopy. It is really cool! We found out the pipes are in really good condition, but have build-up, and some places are almost 3/4 blocked, so we are recommending the sellers pay the $189.00 for a hydro-flush, and they have until this evening to respond to our addendum.

While I was there today, I took some time to walk around the property and took lots more pictures. I plan to post them on later today. They turned out pretty good, and are much better than the pictures on the Meadows Group Realty home page (the seller's realtors).

I'm really excited about the house. I feel like everything is coming together so smoothly, and that this house is truly meant to be ours. It is really exciting. We have so many things we want to do to the property, and it is going to be really fun to do projects together if we can do so without stressing each other out too much!

I have a lot of ideas in my head for the property. The thing that I have to be careful not to do is to become too opinionated, because if Landon and I continue to discuss both of our ideas together, we can come to a conclusion on a project that will make both of us happy. However, if I force my ideas over his, then projects aren't fun for both of us--and it is breeds stress and causes fights. So, if we go about this in the right way, we'll have fun, and everyone will be happy! It takes compromise, and resisting the urge to be overly opinionated in certain situations in order for that to happen.

One thing I am very opinionated about is my revulsion for T-111 siding. It is plywood! Good enough for a barn, not a house! This is something I want to invest in. Good quality, expensive, and REAL WOOD siding is something for which I am willing to work full-time at CAS. We really want to re-paint the house, and put three more windows in the house, and in order to do that, we have to put the windows in, then do the siding, then re-paint. I'm not sure where we'll start with all of these remodelling and landscaping projects we want to do, but we'll have to prioritize and start from the top and work our way down!

I think with all the work we plan to do on the house, that I can predict where I'll be spending all my free time from now on!!!

Au revoir, Karli
Tuesday, April 06, 2004
Drove by our future home today--our soon to be newest member of the family--hahah!! The house looks better and better every time I see it, and today I saw a sale pending sign posted diagnolly across the "for sale" sign! It's really happening--it is so exciting!

Later today, I found out from our realtor that the sellers have accepted our negotiations to repair the four things we have requested that they repair before we move in. That was very good news! I also found out that there is a well on the property. The house water is from the city, so the well is probably unused, but we will know more when we get a copy of the information regarding the well from the sellers.

Tomorrow is the sewer-scope. I hope all goes well with that!

Nothing else new today--pretty average--school, work, bed.

Monday, April 05, 2004
Today was long and uneventful. I went to school, came home, then went to work. Nothing much happened. I'll never remember April 5th, 2004, it was so uneventful--it might as well never have happened. Nothing that happened today will remain in my memory bank. Let me think a little harder--oh, I did have some nice time to myself this afternoon when I transplanted some bulbs from the yard into my pots on the back patio and learned how to take care of amaryllises online. I'm excited to take care of my amarylis bulb now that I know how to. I hope to get into the hobby of gardening even more than I am already when we get into the new house. I need to have Landon build me a planting station in the backyard, so I have a better place to work, though. Okay, gotta go--Karli

Sunday, April 04, 2004
Today we went hiking on the Angel's Rest trail. It was 2.3 miles to the top, and the incline was moderate. I was out of breath before we got to the top, but persisted. We went with Mike & Susan. They are trying to go hiking every weekend to get in shape for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in East Africa this summer. We'll probably go as often as we can with them, because we both could really use the exercise. I still need to lose about 10-15 lbs. I want to get back down to 125lbs., if at all possible.

Other than that, Landon and I went to Trader Joe's and got groceries, then came home. I've been doing laundry and reading The Iliad of Homer for Greek Mythology. I've only made it through book one so far, and need to read through book 15 by Friday. Let's just say I'm not exactly where I should be in the reading right now. It's been hard to get back into the routine this week with spring term what with the house and everything. Oh, well--I'll get into the routine for sure this week as things slow down with the sale of the house.

Landon's gone to bed early. He's pretty tired. I'll be going to bed shortly, but need to finish doing a couple more loads of laundry. I'm also making a soy corn dog for dinner, since we didn't really eat dinner tonight--just snacked.

Saturday, April 03, 2004
Today I went to a class at PSU from 9am to 3:30pm, and class did not dismiss early. The class is Children's Lit. Although interesting, it definitely makes for a very long day. Afterwards, I drove down to Tracy & Mike's to visit with Tracy and see Ashton, but unfortunately, due to the chaos of Kristi getting ready for the dinner, I only stayed for about 45 minutes, and then headed back to Portland. Also, I got turned around in a construction zone on my way there, and it ended up taking me 45 minutes to get there, during which I hit a huge trench-like pot hole, which probably was detrimental to my alignment.

Afterwards, I went to PHO VAN with Sharla, then we went to Common Grounds and studied--well, mostly talked, I guess. We both have colds, so didn't feel like doing much. This week is Sharla's spring break, so we might go see "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." I want to see it again, and she hasn't seen it at all.

Today, I spent very little time (if any) with Landon. Other than a bike ride, he stayed home all day by himself (well, with Felix & Priscilla). I should try not to leave the cats out of this blog if at all possible.


Friday, April 02, 2004
I met Landon at Qualcomm at 4:30, and we went to McMenamins for about 45 minutes with some of his co-workers. It was a pretty good time, and we chatted with Laurie & Damien about houses, because they are in the process of buying a house, also.

Afterwards, we drove to McMinnville, then picked up pizzas to celebrate Mom's birthday. I gave Mom an echivera plant potted in a nice cream-colored pot for her kitchen window and a pair of bright blue butterfly earrings from Presents of Mind. She really liked the earrings, because she liked the color, and she likes butterflies. Happy Birthday, Mom! We're celebrating her birthday today because she was in Hawaii on the 17th (lucky her!). Anyway, Tracy & Mike gave her their gift in Hawaii, and so those of us who had not given our gifts did so tonight. Landon and I stayed until about 10 or so, then we all drove down to Cornerstone Coffee on 3rd street and ordered coffee/dessert. Landon and I had iced chai teas. We only stayed for a short while, because Landon's back was starting to bother him.

By the time we got home, it was all we could do to change the sheets before we crashed into bed and fell into a deep sleep.

Thursday, April 01, 2004
I didn't feel good at all today. My eyes are watering non-stop. I have a really bad cold. The inspection came and went. I felt pretty stressed out during the inspection and afterwards. They basically tell you over the course of two hours everything that is wrong with the house, which to me is pretty stressful when you are in the process of signing your life away to the house.

After the inspection, we went out to lunch, then went and saw a movie at Lloyd Cinemas (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind).

The inspection came back pretty good, but there are some things the seller's have been asked to fix before closing.


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