Saturday, March 27, 2004
We met with Celia today of Bella Casa Realty, and she ran a report of houses on the market in SW Portland, which we went and looked at. The first house was depressing, because it was next to the interstate, and there were two teenage kids that sulked around while we looked at the house. It smelled like mildew and although the house was cute from the outside, we didn't give it a second thought. It wasn't for us. The second house we looked at was also close to I-5, so you could hear the traffic, but it was set off from the road it is on (Pasadena), and is quite cute. It has a big backyard, and the current owners have spent a lot of time/money remodeling much of the interior of the home (probably to improve its re-sell value). At first, I was put off by the noise from I-5, so looked at the house w/out really considering it as an option. However, as the afternoon wore on and we continued to look at shacks or poorly cared for homes that were on noisy streets, the second house on Pasadena we looked at started to look better and better. In actuality, it was the best house we have seen since we have started looking last September. By the time we got back to Celia's office, both Landon and I were starting to get excited about the Pasadena house, and contemplating whether or not this was an opportunity we should take. Well, we felt we should take the opportunity, and told Celia we wanted to make an offer. She took us to the kitchen, and we wrote out an offer for $5000.00 less than asking price, including all appliances. I felt like I was in a fog while we were doing this, and it was hard to really get the fact that we were writing out an offer for a property. It was hard to sift through the temptation to keep looking, because once you finally settle on a property, you stop looking, and halt the other possibilities from coming your way. Within 30 minutes, the offer had been written, and Celia faxed it to the seller's realtor. Landon and I stumbled from her house in a fog and in shock, nervous about the plunge we had just taken. We went over to Mike & Susan's to tell them about it, then met Bob Gluckman for pizza & drinks at Mississippi Pizza. Neither Landon or I had too much fun there, because we were so nervous and stressed about the huge decision we were in the process of making in our lives. It felt as serious as deciding to have a baby, or as serious as getting married--only, moreso in some ways.

March 27th--the first time we made an offer on a house.



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