Sunday, March 21, 2004
Today we met at Mike & Susan's at 9:30am to celebrate Susan's birthday at the Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, WA. By 10am, we left to go pick up Janssen, and start the 45 minute drive to the lodge. We arrived at around 10:50am, and our reservation was for 11am. I was happy that we were seated at a table nearby the windows overlooking the Columbia Gorge. It was such a beautiful day. The sun was shining, and the birds were chirping. The buffet at the lodge is all-you-can-eat, and I had about two plates. Landon and Janssen liked eating crab legs, and they went back a couple times for more. We were served champagne with our breakfast. I was especially irritated when the server said I had already had four, and if I was driving I couldn't have a fifth. I said, "First of all, I didn't ask for a fifth, and second of all, I've only had two glasses." She started to argue with me and said that I had had four. I was really mad that she was implying that I was not aware of how much alcohol I had consumed. What an outrage! Anyway, I only brought it up about five times after that, but then "let it go." Mike & Susan treated us to the whole meal, which was very nice of them, considering that it was for Susan's birthday!

After brunch, we headed home. By 2pm, we were home. We had planned to go for a hike, but Mike called and said Susan wanted to lay down for a nap first. Landon was feeling the same way as Susan, because he slept hard for about an hour. During this time, I worked on the porch with my plants, did the dishes, and straightened up the apartment. The bedroom door was open the whole time, and Landon slept right through the noise.

We left for our hike at around 4pm. Mike & Susan came over at around 3:30pm, and we showed them all the stuff we bought at IKEA. When we set out on our hike, we were going to do the trail that is right up the hill from our apartment. We walked for about 2 miles, when the trail ended at a busy street, but then we noticed that it began again a little further down the busy street. We went to that trail and hiked for another 2 miles, coming out at Council Crest. It was a long hike, and I could tell that I was really out of shape! When we got to Council Crest, we realized it was about 6pm, and it was going to be dark soon. We decided to take the main roads back down, but we were all turned around, and didn't even know what part of SW Portland we were in! Anyway, a woman ended up reassuring us that we were headed in the right direction. For the next hour, we hiked back down through very wealthy neighborhoods full of houses displaying the nicest things money can buy. By 7pm, we were back home, just as it was getting dark.

Landon and I went to Hollywood Video (as tired as we were from the hike) and rented "Under the Tuscan Sun," stopped at Swan Market and picked up a bottle of red wine, and went to Caro Amico's and picked up a vegetarian pizza for dinner. After the hike, we were feeling hungry again.

After the movie, which was pretty good, I fell into a deep sleep. Boy, am I sore!


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