Monday, March 08, 2004
Today was such a beautiful day out!

Well, we lost a house, because we weren't quick enough to make an offer. Landon hurt his back this weekend, so we were unable to go look at the property. We had already driven by it and decided we liked it very much, but hadn't seen the inside of the house. I drove by today and peeked into the windows. We called the realtor that had sent us the listing, and she was going to meet us at 9pm tonight and we were going to try to make an offer if we liked it, but they accepted the first offer they got this afternoon. The first offer! I am so annoyed, because the house was perfect and in the best location we could have hoped for. I am so bummed now, because we lost it due to not acting quick enough. I guess we learned our lesson.

Nothing else new except for homework. I'm overly tired lately. I don't know why, except for that I'm working really hard in school.



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