Friday, March 26, 2004
Today I had quite a lot of pain at work from carpal tunnel. I also had a stressful day due to a misunderstanding at work that took about an hour to get sorted out. During the hour, though, I was really stressed. I was wrong about Tracy, Mike, and Robby--they come home tomorrow. Mom & Dad come home today. After work, I met Aurora, Patrick, Cindy, and Christina at the Kennedy School for appetizers/drinks. I stayed until about 12am, then came home. Tomorrow we meet with the realtor that Jody & Matty recommended with Bella Casa Realty, and I don't want to be tired for the time we spend with her looking at houses. I'm glad that the week is over that I work full-time, because my carpal tunnel has really suffered from the data entry and strain on my wrists from sitting at different desks with varying heights now that I am on-call.



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