Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Today, I aced my final in Bible as Lit., and then turned in the two final papers due in that class. I sold my textbook for the social work class I took this term to the PSU bookstore, then hopped on the bus and came home. I was so happy after my final that I couldn't stop smiling. I came home and waited for Apollo Drain to come by the apartment to fix our faucet that has been leaking in the kitchen for over a month and is now dripping into the basement. While I was waiting for Apollo Drain, I finished my American Lit. paper on labor--it's a good paper, too, if I do say so myself! After Apollo Drain left, I ran some errands. Here they are:
Went to Kinko's to print off my American Lit. paper on a top-quality printer on top-of-the-line paper
Picked up the dry cleaning
Went to Fred Meyer's to buy some sunglasses and Landon some new socks
Got some quarters from laundry
Came home
I worked on my plants a bit today, and kept the back door open to let some fresh air circulate through the apartment. Priscilla played out in the grass for awhile, and Felix layed on the porch and watched her. I also cleaned up the apartment, and enjoyed a small break from finals.
I have one more big final on Thursday, and I'll prepare for that all day tomorrow. Part of the preparation includes watching a movie from 1930 called "The Jazz Singer." We watched it once in class, but I need to watch it again to analyze it further for my in-class essay on Thursday. After Thursday, I'm ALL DONE!! I'm so excited!! I feel like a huge burden is starting to lift off of my shoulders. On Thursday, that burden will be completely gone, because I'll be all done!!!

I have to leave for work right now, but I'll be back again tomorrow--like always!


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