Sunday, March 28, 2004
Neither Landon nor I slept hardly at all last night. We were so stressed and nervous about making an offer. Thoughts such as "why would we make an offer on a house so close to I-5" and "why would we make an offer on a house that doesn't have a 'front'" and "it doesn't have any curb appeal" and "there are no lights in the neighborhood at night" are all thoughts that flooded our minds, keeping us from our sleep. I felt so stressed that I felt as though I had done something irreversible and wished there was a way I could go back in time and change the course of events. Of course, the decision we made was reversible, but the stress of the decision brought forth emotions that were very difficult to rationalize or sift through.

At 8:30am, Mike, Susan, and Janssen met us at our apartment, and we went to Ross Island Grocery for breakfast and coffee. Bob Gluckman came over (he lives across the street) and joined us. AT 10am, we headed to the house to have a second look at the property with Celia. Landon and I got there about 10 minutes before Celia, and immediately started to feel really good about the house. It was bright and sunny, and the house really seemed to be a great fit for us. We started to feel happy and excited, and when Celia and Mike and Susan arrived, we were only reassured in our feelings about the place. Mike & Susan really liked it, and could find no reason with the property that should keep us from pursuing it.

When we left the property, both Landon and I were feeling really good, but still nervous. The offer we made yesterday was supposed to be responded to by 1pm. Landon and I went home and waited for Celia's phone call.

By 1:20, I couldn't wait any longer, and called Celia. She told me the following: the seller's didn't want to come down at all on the price, but their realtor got them to come down from asking price 1000.00. They also wanted 2 more weeks to close than we had stated in our offer, and they wanted to keep their washer/dryer, although we could keep all other appliances. Celia said we could meet her at her office at 5pm to discuss the counteroffer.

Landon and I went on a hike up to Council Crest with Mike & Susan in between that phone call and the time we were supposed to meet to consider the counteroffer. Landon and I felt nervous, but moreso excited.

At 5pm, we met with Celia in the kitchen once again, and determined that in order to avoid losing the house to a better offer, and knowing the sellers were unwilling to come down on their price any further, we accepted their counteroffer. I was too nervous to say the words, but agreed with Landon when he said to Celia, "Let's do it." I was glad he had the confidence to say those three words, because I was unable to do it. I feel nervous and scared.

After we left Celia's house, Landon and I headed to Thai Thai to talk about it over dinner. I was so nervous that I almost started crying a couple of times. I don't know if it was more being nervous or being happy, but the emotions that both Landon and I were feeling were very complicated.

After dinner, we drove by the house, then went to LOWE's to shop around for prices on home improvement.

After coming home, Landon prepared the necessary financial information for the broker that is to pre-approve us tomorrow morning while I did laundry and drank a glass of red wine trying to calm myself down. I feel like I am in a daze, and am getting ready to embark on another adventure, another chapter, in my life--well, our lives.



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