Saturday, March 20, 2004
Like yesterday, we got up today at around 8am, and got ready right away. By 9:30am, we had checked out of our hotel room, and were on our way to find a place to eat breakfast. Yesterday, we only had starbucks, then lunch at the mediterranean restaurant, so today we felt like eating a good hearty breakfast. I felt like I-HOP, but unfortunately, we couldn't find one, so had to settle for the ONLY breafast place in Bellevue we could find, which was raunchy Denny's Diner. Oh, well. It appeased our hunger pains, but the food was far from adequate in quality. My french toast was okay, but my eggs weren't that great, and neither was my bacon or sausage. I ordered the French Slam, and Landon ordered some kind of omelet, which he didn't like that well. We stayed maybe 10 minutes after they served us our food, then split (that's how fast we ate what we could!). We walked around for awhile in downtown Bellevue again looking for clothes for Landon to no avail. It's really hard to find "Landon clothes," which is what we were after.

After we left Bellevue, we headed to IKEA at around 11am. We didn't leave IKEA until 2:30pm, so that tells you how long we were there--3.5 hours! We had a lot of fun browsing through the displays and figuring out what we wanted. We bought some odds and ends, but the most important thing we bought (at least to me) is new kitchen chairs. After four years of using Biddys McGraw's old bar chairs, I was elated to find kitchen chairs at IKEA that I found suitable and attractive. Landon didn't really want to spend the money, because he wants me to get a bike soon, but I convinced him we could afford it, and he gave in. He really wanted this chalkboard/key holder thing that hangs on the wall. We don't have a spot for it now, so we are going to hopefully mount it once we buy a house.

We stopped in Olympia on our way home to eat at our all time favorite Mediterranean Restaurant in City Center. Olympia holds a lot of fond memories for me. My friend that was killed in 2000 was from Olympia, and I have lots of good memories with him in that city. Also, when I was dating Chris Hamilton, we had some good times there. I also have special memories with Landon in Olympia. So, Olympia is kind of the city of romance for me, I guess. Wait a second, I thought Paris was supposed to be the city of romance, or is it Venice? I can't remember, but for me, it's Olympia, Washington. Isn't that kind of weird?

We arrived safe and sound in Portland to our kitties who were very happy to see us at 5:15pm. We assembled all of our new kitchen chairs, and 2 out of the 4 are a little wobbly, but we'll tighten them tomorrow and hopefully they will all four sit firmly on the ground. I put the Biddy McGraw chairs out on the lawn and put a "free" sign on them. Hopefully, they'll be gone by tomorrow.

All in all, this Seattle trip was okay, but moreso it was a chance to unwind from a very stressful term, and to reconnect as a couple again. We have spent a lot of time apart the past 10 weeks, and it was good to regain some of that ground this weekend. We had some talks on our walks, and it was all very good.

That's all for now--it's Saturday night, and I want to have another glass of wine and enjoy my home-sweet-home, my kitties, my new kitchen chairs, and my husband (not necessarily in that order).



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