Friday, March 19, 2004
Last night, after arriving in Bellevue at around 8pm, we walked around in downtown Bellevue (nothing special!), and ate at Cuicina! Cuicina!, which was really overpriced, and the food was okay. By 10pm, we went back to the room and watched TV for awhile, then fell asleep. We woke up at 8am the next morning, got ready, and started our day. We spent about 3 1/2 hours in downtown Seattle doing some shopping for Landon (clothes), and checking out the downtown area. We had lunch at a terrific little Mediterranean restaurant that really hit the spot. We walked around the shopping centers downtown, and also spent about an hour or so walking around the Pike's Place Market on Pike Street by the water. Landon had never been there before, so it was a good thing we made it down there, because if you go to Seattle, you just have to visit the Pike Street market and see the flying fish!

At around 12:30, we went to get our car out of the parking structure, and paid a whopping 16.00, which I was really annoyed about. It's expensive! We wanted to go to Ballard, which is in the industrial-turned modern section of Seattle. We ended up getting all turned around, and then got caught in rush-hour traffic, so THREE HOURS later, we ended up in Ballard after a nice old man gave us clear directions, then said, "Good-luck, Friends." He was a nice old man. When we got to Ballard, we walked around on Ballard Avenue where all the shops are, and then decided to see who was playing at the Tractor. Before we went to the Tractor, though, I told Landon I needed to move the car, because the time was going to expire. I told him I'd do it, so he didn't have to walk too far with his back on the verge of a spasm all the time (he had to be very careful not to over-exert himself). When I was walking/running to where the car was, Landon called me on the cell and told me that lo and behold Jack Straw and Foghorn String Band were playing at the Tractor, which is SO funny, because they are from our very own city of Portland, OR! Landon told me that he kind of wanted to go to their show, but wanted to find out where Connor Byrne's was, because he had heard that was a happening spot. I said, okay, then a couple of seconds later got another call on my cell. Landon said, "Karli, you are never going to believe this, but just as I was talking about wanting to find out where Connor Byrne's was, I looked up, and there it was!" As it turns out, it was just a few blocks down from the Tractor! Unfortunately, there was nothing much going on there, so I moved the car, and met Landon by the Tractor. We decided to do some more walking, and then to see a movie off of Ballard Way. We saw "Secret Window," which I thought was a GREAT movie! After the movie, we walked back to the Tractor, and Taylor of Foghorn saw us standing on the sidewalk, and came out to say hi. By this time, it was nearly 8pm, and their show started at around 10pm, with Jack Straw opening up at around 9pm. Taylor put us on the guest list, and we walked around for another hour, and came back at 9pm to see the show. We only lasted for an hour of Jack Straw before we both decided to head back to Bellevue to go to bed. We were beat after walking around all day. We made it back to the hotel by 10:20pm, and pretty much went straight to bed after our heads hit the pillow. I watched an old movie with Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn from about 30 years ago for a short while, then fell right asleep. Landon beat me to sleep by about 10 minutes.


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