Sunday, March 14, 2004
Landon played during two different times at Imago Dei, the church Danny & Sharla go to. So, we had to go to one church service, then after he played at the beginning of the second service, we left with Sharla and went to Wild Oats and got salads and sat there and ate and talked.

Before we came home, we stopped at Sorel Vintages to pick up a star-light that Landon has wanted for a long time. It looks really pretty hanging up in our living room window.

When I got home, it was 1pm, and so I had to start right away on my paper. I finished the rough draft of my paper on labor. Around 6pm, I left and went to Starbucks to catch up on my reading in Bible as Lit. I have a final Tuesday morning for which I need to memorize some stuff. Before I left between 4-5pm, Landon went on a bike-ride. His old bike was repaired, so he tried it out. We bought him a new helmet yesterday.

After I got back from Starbucks, I took a break from homework and went to see "The Cooler" at the Fox Tower with Landon. Pretty good movie!



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