Saturday, March 13, 2004
I woke up at 7am and started typing up my paper. I got 3 1/2 pages into it, then went and made some coffee. By now it was 8:45am, and Landon was still asleep, which is rare for him as he is usually the first one up in the mornings. He woke up when I started making coffee, and read his history book while I worked on my paper, drank coffee, did laundry, etc. By 12pm, we got ready and left to go do the following errands:
Went to the dry cleaners to have some clothes dry cleaned.
Went to Hollywood Video to rent "The Jazz Singer" (1927) that I have to watch to essay on for the final Thursday in American Fiction.
Went to Good-Will to drop off some things we no longer need, but hope others will find useful.
Went to the bank to deposit the two rebate checks from the purchase of our cell phones back in January.
Went to a pizza place across the street from Powell's Bookstore on Burnside that Landon used to eat at with his dad when they went to Powell's during his childhood.
Went to Powell's where I picked up Crevecoeur's Letters from an American Farmer for my research paper. Hawthorne Powell's didn't have it, so I went to Burnside where they did have a copy.
Went to Trader Joe's on 22nd & NW Glisan. Hard to find parking, but finally did. Got 70.00 in groceries, just like last weekend.
Went to the Bike Store on 10th & Salmon to buy Landon a new bike helmet. BTW--they are quite expensive. They start at $60.00 now. Also, the address for the bike store was 1001 SW Salmon, and Landon interpreted that to be 1st and Salmon, so we walked all over around that area on foot before I finally said, "Landon, if it is 1001, doesn't that mean 10th Ave??" After I said that, we walked quietly to the car because Landon was embarrassed, and then we drove to the Bike Store. Parking was no problem
Came home--put the groceries away and cleaned the whole apartment (mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, windexing, scrubbing). By 4:30, I had just finished when Matty arrived, then Joe, then Barbara. Landon practiced with them (actually, they are still practicing) for a gig they have on Wednesday at a pizza place for St. Patrick's Day.
Tonight, we plan to drop by for the second half of Mike & Susan's mega-band dance at PSU's Smith Center. Familiar territory for me, as I'm there every day!
I need to finish this paper on labor in Colonial America as defined in Crevecouer's Letters. Anyway, I hope to finish it tomorrow after Landon's gig with Danny at Imago Dei--the same church Sharla & Jen go to.


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