Tuesday, March 30, 2004
I am so excited, because I submitted my application to the Nina Mae Kellogg Committee today, and also mustered up enough courage to approach the professor I really wanted to write me a letter of recommendation for this award. He was really nice, and agreed to write the letter. I am so happy and feel so honored to be nominated to apply for this award! Even if I don't win this award, I feel satisfied just to be honored with an invitation to apply.

This morning, I woke up with a sore throat and cold symptoms, and a feeling of excitement about the house we are buying. The loan has been approved, and everything is moving in this direction. I feel good about it; I have a peace about it, because I know that everything wouldn't be going so smoothly all around if it weren't meant to be. Something tends to go wrong when something isn't meant to happen--like when I got really sick before I left to go to Uganda by myself in 1999. It just wasn't meant to be. Landon feels really good about this purchase, too. It's going to be nice to be in that location, and I'm excited to work on the house and yard all summer. The timing couldn't be perfect, because we will close May 28th--just before summer begins. If we had waited until summer to start seriously looking, we would have lost all of the summer months that we could have devoted to the house.

Everything went well for me today--I am going to love my senior capstone, the English professor I was scared to approach (but completely respect) agreed to write my letter of recommendation, I submitted my application to the Nina Kellogg Committee, I found a 3-hour parking space right when I needed it, the realtor and broker have made me feel very happy and as stress-free as possible, and it's just a great time in my life right now! It's so exciting that this year--2004--I will embark on the adventure of home-ownership with Landon, and graduate with my B.A. in English! That's another thing--the Professor I've been talking about really encouraged me to get both my M.Ed. and my M.A. in English. I felt really happy to be the recipient of such encouragement and to feel that people believe in me.

Tuesday, March 30th is a great day!



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