Wednesday, March 17, 2004
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

Wow, Landon didn't get home until 2am. He busked with Barbara and Jeff in between Berbati's and Kell's. He said he had a ton of fun, and they made 160.00. Barbara and Landon only took 20.00 each of the 160.00, and gave the rest to Jeff, because he doesn't have a job, and needed the $$. Then, Landon gave his 20.00 to an x-vet that sang him a little song on the street. He said he had a lot of fun.

Today, I went to PSU at 10:30am to hand in my paper on labor, then I walked through the park blocks to Starbucks and got some coffee. It was so nice out! The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and all the blossoms and green leaves were all over indicating spring is here, and winter has gone away. I also returned 3 research books to the PSU library, and one of the librarians took the books from me and very kindly said, "Happy St. Pats!" That made my day, not to mention the nice weather!!

After I handed in my paper, I went to a doctor's appointment, then went to Hawthorne and got Susan a bouquet of wildflowers, a pair of earrings from Presents of Mind, and a bottle of wine for her birthday. Landon suggested the flowers, and I wanted to get her earrings. I took the presents to their house, and left them on their kitchen table. Then, I came home.

I studied on our back porch, and it was so sunny and warm out, that I started to fall asleep by about 3:45pm, so laid down for a nap for an hour. I didn't get much studying done today. I was supposed to study all afternoon, but I was so incredibly tired from the past few weeks, that I sat in a fog and barely studied at all.

Before Landon left for his gig at Mississippi Pizza in NE Portland, we went for a walk around the Lair Hill neighborhood, and stopped at Ross Island Grocery to get two iced chai's, which were so good, because she made the chai tea from scratch. Delicious! Even the walk and the chai didn't wake me up, though, and I came home very tired and not feeling like going out at all, so I didn't.

By 11pm, Landon called and said he and Barbara were going downtown to busk, and that he was kind of bummed because he didn't bring his coat, and he was getting cold. I thought the right thing to do was to run it down to him, even though I was in bed and very tired, so I did. He was very grateful that I took him his coat, and probably because of having his coat and not getting too cold, he was able to stay out until 2am playing music and having fun.



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