Wednesday, March 31, 2004
I've been pretty miserable today with a bad cold. After Greek Mythology, I drove by our future house. It's so cute! When I got home, I called State Farm and got our Home Insurance Policy going. It's so exciting! Pre-approval letter has been faxed per sellers' request. The building inspection is tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 30, 2004
I am so excited, because I submitted my application to the Nina Mae Kellogg Committee today, and also mustered up enough courage to approach the professor I really wanted to write me a letter of recommendation for this award. He was really nice, and agreed to write the letter. I am so happy and feel so honored to be nominated to apply for this award! Even if I don't win this award, I feel satisfied just to be honored with an invitation to apply.

This morning, I woke up with a sore throat and cold symptoms, and a feeling of excitement about the house we are buying. The loan has been approved, and everything is moving in this direction. I feel good about it; I have a peace about it, because I know that everything wouldn't be going so smoothly all around if it weren't meant to be. Something tends to go wrong when something isn't meant to happen--like when I got really sick before I left to go to Uganda by myself in 1999. It just wasn't meant to be. Landon feels really good about this purchase, too. It's going to be nice to be in that location, and I'm excited to work on the house and yard all summer. The timing couldn't be perfect, because we will close May 28th--just before summer begins. If we had waited until summer to start seriously looking, we would have lost all of the summer months that we could have devoted to the house.

Everything went well for me today--I am going to love my senior capstone, the English professor I was scared to approach (but completely respect) agreed to write my letter of recommendation, I submitted my application to the Nina Kellogg Committee, I found a 3-hour parking space right when I needed it, the realtor and broker have made me feel very happy and as stress-free as possible, and it's just a great time in my life right now! It's so exciting that this year--2004--I will embark on the adventure of home-ownership with Landon, and graduate with my B.A. in English! That's another thing--the Professor I've been talking about really encouraged me to get both my M.Ed. and my M.A. in English. I felt really happy to be the recipient of such encouragement and to feel that people believe in me.

Tuesday, March 30th is a great day!

Monday, March 29, 2004
WOW--first day of spring term. I have decided to graduate summer term, and so I dropped 2 of the 5 classes I was registered for this term. Now, I am only taking 13 credits, which is still full-time. Since we will be moving during this term, it would be impossible to be taking so many classes. Also, I need to be available more now that we are going through the process of buying a home.

Today was bright and sunny. After attending Greek Mythology at PSU, I drove to our possible future home, and then came back to our current home. I worked during the afternoon on my intro-letter for the Nina Mae Kellogg Award, then went to work.

My carpal tunnel is getting slightly better, but is still semi-painful.

I feel pretty excited today, and my nervousness is giving way to excitement.

Landon called during the afternoon to let me know that we had been pre-approved. I think we are going to apply for the ARM loan, since we plan to own this home for only 5-7 years.

The house is scheduled to be inspected on Thursday between 12 and 2pm. We're writing a check for the inspector's fee and escrow at this time. I can't believe this is really happening!

Sunday, March 28, 2004
Neither Landon nor I slept hardly at all last night. We were so stressed and nervous about making an offer. Thoughts such as "why would we make an offer on a house so close to I-5" and "why would we make an offer on a house that doesn't have a 'front'" and "it doesn't have any curb appeal" and "there are no lights in the neighborhood at night" are all thoughts that flooded our minds, keeping us from our sleep. I felt so stressed that I felt as though I had done something irreversible and wished there was a way I could go back in time and change the course of events. Of course, the decision we made was reversible, but the stress of the decision brought forth emotions that were very difficult to rationalize or sift through.

At 8:30am, Mike, Susan, and Janssen met us at our apartment, and we went to Ross Island Grocery for breakfast and coffee. Bob Gluckman came over (he lives across the street) and joined us. AT 10am, we headed to the house to have a second look at the property with Celia. Landon and I got there about 10 minutes before Celia, and immediately started to feel really good about the house. It was bright and sunny, and the house really seemed to be a great fit for us. We started to feel happy and excited, and when Celia and Mike and Susan arrived, we were only reassured in our feelings about the place. Mike & Susan really liked it, and could find no reason with the property that should keep us from pursuing it.

When we left the property, both Landon and I were feeling really good, but still nervous. The offer we made yesterday was supposed to be responded to by 1pm. Landon and I went home and waited for Celia's phone call.

By 1:20, I couldn't wait any longer, and called Celia. She told me the following: the seller's didn't want to come down at all on the price, but their realtor got them to come down from asking price 1000.00. They also wanted 2 more weeks to close than we had stated in our offer, and they wanted to keep their washer/dryer, although we could keep all other appliances. Celia said we could meet her at her office at 5pm to discuss the counteroffer.

Landon and I went on a hike up to Council Crest with Mike & Susan in between that phone call and the time we were supposed to meet to consider the counteroffer. Landon and I felt nervous, but moreso excited.

At 5pm, we met with Celia in the kitchen once again, and determined that in order to avoid losing the house to a better offer, and knowing the sellers were unwilling to come down on their price any further, we accepted their counteroffer. I was too nervous to say the words, but agreed with Landon when he said to Celia, "Let's do it." I was glad he had the confidence to say those three words, because I was unable to do it. I feel nervous and scared.

After we left Celia's house, Landon and I headed to Thai Thai to talk about it over dinner. I was so nervous that I almost started crying a couple of times. I don't know if it was more being nervous or being happy, but the emotions that both Landon and I were feeling were very complicated.

After dinner, we drove by the house, then went to LOWE's to shop around for prices on home improvement.

After coming home, Landon prepared the necessary financial information for the broker that is to pre-approve us tomorrow morning while I did laundry and drank a glass of red wine trying to calm myself down. I feel like I am in a daze, and am getting ready to embark on another adventure, another chapter, in my life--well, our lives.

Saturday, March 27, 2004
We met with Celia today of Bella Casa Realty, and she ran a report of houses on the market in SW Portland, which we went and looked at. The first house was depressing, because it was next to the interstate, and there were two teenage kids that sulked around while we looked at the house. It smelled like mildew and although the house was cute from the outside, we didn't give it a second thought. It wasn't for us. The second house we looked at was also close to I-5, so you could hear the traffic, but it was set off from the road it is on (Pasadena), and is quite cute. It has a big backyard, and the current owners have spent a lot of time/money remodeling much of the interior of the home (probably to improve its re-sell value). At first, I was put off by the noise from I-5, so looked at the house w/out really considering it as an option. However, as the afternoon wore on and we continued to look at shacks or poorly cared for homes that were on noisy streets, the second house on Pasadena we looked at started to look better and better. In actuality, it was the best house we have seen since we have started looking last September. By the time we got back to Celia's office, both Landon and I were starting to get excited about the Pasadena house, and contemplating whether or not this was an opportunity we should take. Well, we felt we should take the opportunity, and told Celia we wanted to make an offer. She took us to the kitchen, and we wrote out an offer for $5000.00 less than asking price, including all appliances. I felt like I was in a fog while we were doing this, and it was hard to really get the fact that we were writing out an offer for a property. It was hard to sift through the temptation to keep looking, because once you finally settle on a property, you stop looking, and halt the other possibilities from coming your way. Within 30 minutes, the offer had been written, and Celia faxed it to the seller's realtor. Landon and I stumbled from her house in a fog and in shock, nervous about the plunge we had just taken. We went over to Mike & Susan's to tell them about it, then met Bob Gluckman for pizza & drinks at Mississippi Pizza. Neither Landon or I had too much fun there, because we were so nervous and stressed about the huge decision we were in the process of making in our lives. It felt as serious as deciding to have a baby, or as serious as getting married--only, moreso in some ways.

March 27th--the first time we made an offer on a house.

Friday, March 26, 2004
Today I had quite a lot of pain at work from carpal tunnel. I also had a stressful day due to a misunderstanding at work that took about an hour to get sorted out. During the hour, though, I was really stressed. I was wrong about Tracy, Mike, and Robby--they come home tomorrow. Mom & Dad come home today. After work, I met Aurora, Patrick, Cindy, and Christina at the Kennedy School for appetizers/drinks. I stayed until about 12am, then came home. Tomorrow we meet with the realtor that Jody & Matty recommended with Bella Casa Realty, and I don't want to be tired for the time we spend with her looking at houses. I'm glad that the week is over that I work full-time, because my carpal tunnel has really suffered from the data entry and strain on my wrists from sitting at different desks with varying heights now that I am on-call.

Thursday, March 25, 2004
Another great day. I was in a fog for most of the day. Landon has been leaving for work at the crack of dawn, and so I've missed him during the mornings. After work today, I went over to Cindy's to install FAM on her computer. She made a pizza, and I brought over a bottle of wine. It was a fun evening.

My parents and Tracy, Mike, and Robby get back from HI tomorrow. Yeah!
Wednesday, March 24, 2004
Today, I went to Trader Joe's and got a daffodil plant for Cindy, and a succulant plant for Susan, as well as another coffee for Susan. I had a good day at work. In the evening, I went to see Landon play at Grandma's with Cindy, and spent some time talking to Jody. Cindy called me later in the night to let me know that she was accepted into PSU's grad program. Congratulations, Cindy!
Tuesday, March 23, 2004
When I met Cindy for coffee this morning, we walked to the Montessorri School and brought Susan an iced vanilla latte. It was nice to get out and walk a little ways before work. Cindy confirmed with Susan that she would come in this week to do an art project with the kids.

Before that, I bought two volcano plants at Trader Joe's. I gave one to Terri, and kept one for myself. They are really cool!

Work went by quickly today, and I had a great day. At 5pm, I found out that I got straight A's on 20 credits for last term. I am SO excited, and it feels so good to work that hard, and be rewarded with A's. It brought my GPA up by .2 points, so if I can get straight A's on the 21 credits I am taking next term, my GPA will go up even more. I hope I can graduate with a 3.75 cumulative GPA. Right now, I have a 4.0 in the English Dept., but I'd like to graduate with a 3.75 overall.

In the evening, I met Landon at the Laurelthirst, and Jen & Sharla surprised me and showed up. Tim was also there, so we all hung out until about 10:30pm, and then came home. Landon left even earlier than that.

I just got the mail, and my professor wrote "nice work" on the envelope I gave her to mail me back my final exam. I'm so excited about the grades!!

Monday, March 22, 2004
Today I started working full time at Providence, but it is just for this week. I started off my day by getting ready and going down to the PSU bookstore to buy all my books for next term. They almost fill up a bookshelf at home, and cost over 300 dollars. I'm going to try to get a head start on reading them this week, but I doubt I will get the motivation to do so. After I went to PSU, I returned "Under the Tuscan Sun" and picked up my blouse from the dry cleaners. They put a snap on it, because I thought it was too low cut. After that, I met Cindy at Starbucks, and we talked for about thirty minutes, then went to work. After work, I met Landon at the Moon, and I had a beer, and he had a glass of wine, and we talked for about an hour, then came home.

Priscilla was kind of bad last night, and was making noise that woke us up several times at around 5am. I threw the remote at her, it hit the door, and startled her--Priscilla ran off, and I went back to sleep. When I woke up this morning, I could tell she was visibly upset at me. The remote didn't hurt her, but you could tell she was really mad at me, and was pouting under the futon and would not come out. I finally pulled her out, and after I petted her (while she resisted) for a few minutes, then she finally started loosening up, but she's still a wee-bit annoyed at me. When I call her name, she doesn't come running, but purposely looks in the other direction to show that she's mad at me. Whatever! I hope the fight between us will be over soon.

Sunday, March 21, 2004
Today we met at Mike & Susan's at 9:30am to celebrate Susan's birthday at the Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, WA. By 10am, we left to go pick up Janssen, and start the 45 minute drive to the lodge. We arrived at around 10:50am, and our reservation was for 11am. I was happy that we were seated at a table nearby the windows overlooking the Columbia Gorge. It was such a beautiful day. The sun was shining, and the birds were chirping. The buffet at the lodge is all-you-can-eat, and I had about two plates. Landon and Janssen liked eating crab legs, and they went back a couple times for more. We were served champagne with our breakfast. I was especially irritated when the server said I had already had four, and if I was driving I couldn't have a fifth. I said, "First of all, I didn't ask for a fifth, and second of all, I've only had two glasses." She started to argue with me and said that I had had four. I was really mad that she was implying that I was not aware of how much alcohol I had consumed. What an outrage! Anyway, I only brought it up about five times after that, but then "let it go." Mike & Susan treated us to the whole meal, which was very nice of them, considering that it was for Susan's birthday!

After brunch, we headed home. By 2pm, we were home. We had planned to go for a hike, but Mike called and said Susan wanted to lay down for a nap first. Landon was feeling the same way as Susan, because he slept hard for about an hour. During this time, I worked on the porch with my plants, did the dishes, and straightened up the apartment. The bedroom door was open the whole time, and Landon slept right through the noise.

We left for our hike at around 4pm. Mike & Susan came over at around 3:30pm, and we showed them all the stuff we bought at IKEA. When we set out on our hike, we were going to do the trail that is right up the hill from our apartment. We walked for about 2 miles, when the trail ended at a busy street, but then we noticed that it began again a little further down the busy street. We went to that trail and hiked for another 2 miles, coming out at Council Crest. It was a long hike, and I could tell that I was really out of shape! When we got to Council Crest, we realized it was about 6pm, and it was going to be dark soon. We decided to take the main roads back down, but we were all turned around, and didn't even know what part of SW Portland we were in! Anyway, a woman ended up reassuring us that we were headed in the right direction. For the next hour, we hiked back down through very wealthy neighborhoods full of houses displaying the nicest things money can buy. By 7pm, we were back home, just as it was getting dark.

Landon and I went to Hollywood Video (as tired as we were from the hike) and rented "Under the Tuscan Sun," stopped at Swan Market and picked up a bottle of red wine, and went to Caro Amico's and picked up a vegetarian pizza for dinner. After the hike, we were feeling hungry again.

After the movie, which was pretty good, I fell into a deep sleep. Boy, am I sore!
Saturday, March 20, 2004
Like yesterday, we got up today at around 8am, and got ready right away. By 9:30am, we had checked out of our hotel room, and were on our way to find a place to eat breakfast. Yesterday, we only had starbucks, then lunch at the mediterranean restaurant, so today we felt like eating a good hearty breakfast. I felt like I-HOP, but unfortunately, we couldn't find one, so had to settle for the ONLY breafast place in Bellevue we could find, which was raunchy Denny's Diner. Oh, well. It appeased our hunger pains, but the food was far from adequate in quality. My french toast was okay, but my eggs weren't that great, and neither was my bacon or sausage. I ordered the French Slam, and Landon ordered some kind of omelet, which he didn't like that well. We stayed maybe 10 minutes after they served us our food, then split (that's how fast we ate what we could!). We walked around for awhile in downtown Bellevue again looking for clothes for Landon to no avail. It's really hard to find "Landon clothes," which is what we were after.

After we left Bellevue, we headed to IKEA at around 11am. We didn't leave IKEA until 2:30pm, so that tells you how long we were there--3.5 hours! We had a lot of fun browsing through the displays and figuring out what we wanted. We bought some odds and ends, but the most important thing we bought (at least to me) is new kitchen chairs. After four years of using Biddys McGraw's old bar chairs, I was elated to find kitchen chairs at IKEA that I found suitable and attractive. Landon didn't really want to spend the money, because he wants me to get a bike soon, but I convinced him we could afford it, and he gave in. He really wanted this chalkboard/key holder thing that hangs on the wall. We don't have a spot for it now, so we are going to hopefully mount it once we buy a house.

We stopped in Olympia on our way home to eat at our all time favorite Mediterranean Restaurant in City Center. Olympia holds a lot of fond memories for me. My friend that was killed in 2000 was from Olympia, and I have lots of good memories with him in that city. Also, when I was dating Chris Hamilton, we had some good times there. I also have special memories with Landon in Olympia. So, Olympia is kind of the city of romance for me, I guess. Wait a second, I thought Paris was supposed to be the city of romance, or is it Venice? I can't remember, but for me, it's Olympia, Washington. Isn't that kind of weird?

We arrived safe and sound in Portland to our kitties who were very happy to see us at 5:15pm. We assembled all of our new kitchen chairs, and 2 out of the 4 are a little wobbly, but we'll tighten them tomorrow and hopefully they will all four sit firmly on the ground. I put the Biddy McGraw chairs out on the lawn and put a "free" sign on them. Hopefully, they'll be gone by tomorrow.

All in all, this Seattle trip was okay, but moreso it was a chance to unwind from a very stressful term, and to reconnect as a couple again. We have spent a lot of time apart the past 10 weeks, and it was good to regain some of that ground this weekend. We had some talks on our walks, and it was all very good.

That's all for now--it's Saturday night, and I want to have another glass of wine and enjoy my home-sweet-home, my kitties, my new kitchen chairs, and my husband (not necessarily in that order).

Friday, March 19, 2004
Last night, after arriving in Bellevue at around 8pm, we walked around in downtown Bellevue (nothing special!), and ate at Cuicina! Cuicina!, which was really overpriced, and the food was okay. By 10pm, we went back to the room and watched TV for awhile, then fell asleep. We woke up at 8am the next morning, got ready, and started our day. We spent about 3 1/2 hours in downtown Seattle doing some shopping for Landon (clothes), and checking out the downtown area. We had lunch at a terrific little Mediterranean restaurant that really hit the spot. We walked around the shopping centers downtown, and also spent about an hour or so walking around the Pike's Place Market on Pike Street by the water. Landon had never been there before, so it was a good thing we made it down there, because if you go to Seattle, you just have to visit the Pike Street market and see the flying fish!

At around 12:30, we went to get our car out of the parking structure, and paid a whopping 16.00, which I was really annoyed about. It's expensive! We wanted to go to Ballard, which is in the industrial-turned modern section of Seattle. We ended up getting all turned around, and then got caught in rush-hour traffic, so THREE HOURS later, we ended up in Ballard after a nice old man gave us clear directions, then said, "Good-luck, Friends." He was a nice old man. When we got to Ballard, we walked around on Ballard Avenue where all the shops are, and then decided to see who was playing at the Tractor. Before we went to the Tractor, though, I told Landon I needed to move the car, because the time was going to expire. I told him I'd do it, so he didn't have to walk too far with his back on the verge of a spasm all the time (he had to be very careful not to over-exert himself). When I was walking/running to where the car was, Landon called me on the cell and told me that lo and behold Jack Straw and Foghorn String Band were playing at the Tractor, which is SO funny, because they are from our very own city of Portland, OR! Landon told me that he kind of wanted to go to their show, but wanted to find out where Connor Byrne's was, because he had heard that was a happening spot. I said, okay, then a couple of seconds later got another call on my cell. Landon said, "Karli, you are never going to believe this, but just as I was talking about wanting to find out where Connor Byrne's was, I looked up, and there it was!" As it turns out, it was just a few blocks down from the Tractor! Unfortunately, there was nothing much going on there, so I moved the car, and met Landon by the Tractor. We decided to do some more walking, and then to see a movie off of Ballard Way. We saw "Secret Window," which I thought was a GREAT movie! After the movie, we walked back to the Tractor, and Taylor of Foghorn saw us standing on the sidewalk, and came out to say hi. By this time, it was nearly 8pm, and their show started at around 10pm, with Jack Straw opening up at around 9pm. Taylor put us on the guest list, and we walked around for another hour, and came back at 9pm to see the show. We only lasted for an hour of Jack Straw before we both decided to head back to Bellevue to go to bed. We were beat after walking around all day. We made it back to the hotel by 10:20pm, and pretty much went straight to bed after our heads hit the pillow. I watched an old movie with Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn from about 30 years ago for a short while, then fell right asleep. Landon beat me to sleep by about 10 minutes.
Thursday, March 18, 2004
I am SO EXCITED! I just got out of my LAST final, which was a 2 hour in-class essay! I totally nailed the essay on the head, too! Now, we're leaving for Seattle in the next hour to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!All of my stress is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wednesday, March 17, 2004
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

Wow, Landon didn't get home until 2am. He busked with Barbara and Jeff in between Berbati's and Kell's. He said he had a ton of fun, and they made 160.00. Barbara and Landon only took 20.00 each of the 160.00, and gave the rest to Jeff, because he doesn't have a job, and needed the $$. Then, Landon gave his 20.00 to an x-vet that sang him a little song on the street. He said he had a lot of fun.

Today, I went to PSU at 10:30am to hand in my paper on labor, then I walked through the park blocks to Starbucks and got some coffee. It was so nice out! The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and all the blossoms and green leaves were all over indicating spring is here, and winter has gone away. I also returned 3 research books to the PSU library, and one of the librarians took the books from me and very kindly said, "Happy St. Pats!" That made my day, not to mention the nice weather!!

After I handed in my paper, I went to a doctor's appointment, then went to Hawthorne and got Susan a bouquet of wildflowers, a pair of earrings from Presents of Mind, and a bottle of wine for her birthday. Landon suggested the flowers, and I wanted to get her earrings. I took the presents to their house, and left them on their kitchen table. Then, I came home.

I studied on our back porch, and it was so sunny and warm out, that I started to fall asleep by about 3:45pm, so laid down for a nap for an hour. I didn't get much studying done today. I was supposed to study all afternoon, but I was so incredibly tired from the past few weeks, that I sat in a fog and barely studied at all.

Before Landon left for his gig at Mississippi Pizza in NE Portland, we went for a walk around the Lair Hill neighborhood, and stopped at Ross Island Grocery to get two iced chai's, which were so good, because she made the chai tea from scratch. Delicious! Even the walk and the chai didn't wake me up, though, and I came home very tired and not feeling like going out at all, so I didn't.

By 11pm, Landon called and said he and Barbara were going downtown to busk, and that he was kind of bummed because he didn't bring his coat, and he was getting cold. I thought the right thing to do was to run it down to him, even though I was in bed and very tired, so I did. He was very grateful that I took him his coat, and probably because of having his coat and not getting too cold, he was able to stay out until 2am playing music and having fun.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Today, I aced my final in Bible as Lit., and then turned in the two final papers due in that class. I sold my textbook for the social work class I took this term to the PSU bookstore, then hopped on the bus and came home. I was so happy after my final that I couldn't stop smiling. I came home and waited for Apollo Drain to come by the apartment to fix our faucet that has been leaking in the kitchen for over a month and is now dripping into the basement. While I was waiting for Apollo Drain, I finished my American Lit. paper on labor--it's a good paper, too, if I do say so myself! After Apollo Drain left, I ran some errands. Here they are:
Went to Kinko's to print off my American Lit. paper on a top-quality printer on top-of-the-line paper
Picked up the dry cleaning
Went to Fred Meyer's to buy some sunglasses and Landon some new socks
Got some quarters from laundry
Came home
I worked on my plants a bit today, and kept the back door open to let some fresh air circulate through the apartment. Priscilla played out in the grass for awhile, and Felix layed on the porch and watched her. I also cleaned up the apartment, and enjoyed a small break from finals.
I have one more big final on Thursday, and I'll prepare for that all day tomorrow. Part of the preparation includes watching a movie from 1930 called "The Jazz Singer." We watched it once in class, but I need to watch it again to analyze it further for my in-class essay on Thursday. After Thursday, I'm ALL DONE!! I'm so excited!! I feel like a huge burden is starting to lift off of my shoulders. On Thursday, that burden will be completely gone, because I'll be all done!!!

I have to leave for work right now, but I'll be back again tomorrow--like always!
Monday, March 15, 2004
I wrote a paper for Bible as Lit., and then wrote an annoted bibliography for my other paper I worked on all weekend. This took almost all day, and then I left home at 3pm. I went to Coffee People, then dropped by Mike & Susan's on my way to work for about 20 minutes to say hi, because I didn't see them all weekend as I was studying, and we're going to be out of town this weekend. Tonight, I have to cram for a final tomorrow at 9am--the big "identification quiz"--and then I'll also turn in two final papers. I just can't wait until 2pm on Thursday, when I'll be all done with finals.
Sunday, March 14, 2004
Landon played during two different times at Imago Dei, the church Danny & Sharla go to. So, we had to go to one church service, then after he played at the beginning of the second service, we left with Sharla and went to Wild Oats and got salads and sat there and ate and talked.

Before we came home, we stopped at Sorel Vintages to pick up a star-light that Landon has wanted for a long time. It looks really pretty hanging up in our living room window.

When I got home, it was 1pm, and so I had to start right away on my paper. I finished the rough draft of my paper on labor. Around 6pm, I left and went to Starbucks to catch up on my reading in Bible as Lit. I have a final Tuesday morning for which I need to memorize some stuff. Before I left between 4-5pm, Landon went on a bike-ride. His old bike was repaired, so he tried it out. We bought him a new helmet yesterday.

After I got back from Starbucks, I took a break from homework and went to see "The Cooler" at the Fox Tower with Landon. Pretty good movie!

Saturday, March 13, 2004
I woke up at 7am and started typing up my paper. I got 3 1/2 pages into it, then went and made some coffee. By now it was 8:45am, and Landon was still asleep, which is rare for him as he is usually the first one up in the mornings. He woke up when I started making coffee, and read his history book while I worked on my paper, drank coffee, did laundry, etc. By 12pm, we got ready and left to go do the following errands:
Went to the dry cleaners to have some clothes dry cleaned.
Went to Hollywood Video to rent "The Jazz Singer" (1927) that I have to watch to essay on for the final Thursday in American Fiction.
Went to Good-Will to drop off some things we no longer need, but hope others will find useful.
Went to the bank to deposit the two rebate checks from the purchase of our cell phones back in January.
Went to a pizza place across the street from Powell's Bookstore on Burnside that Landon used to eat at with his dad when they went to Powell's during his childhood.
Went to Powell's where I picked up Crevecoeur's Letters from an American Farmer for my research paper. Hawthorne Powell's didn't have it, so I went to Burnside where they did have a copy.
Went to Trader Joe's on 22nd & NW Glisan. Hard to find parking, but finally did. Got 70.00 in groceries, just like last weekend.
Went to the Bike Store on 10th & Salmon to buy Landon a new bike helmet. BTW--they are quite expensive. They start at $60.00 now. Also, the address for the bike store was 1001 SW Salmon, and Landon interpreted that to be 1st and Salmon, so we walked all over around that area on foot before I finally said, "Landon, if it is 1001, doesn't that mean 10th Ave??" After I said that, we walked quietly to the car because Landon was embarrassed, and then we drove to the Bike Store. Parking was no problem
Came home--put the groceries away and cleaned the whole apartment (mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, windexing, scrubbing). By 4:30, I had just finished when Matty arrived, then Joe, then Barbara. Landon practiced with them (actually, they are still practicing) for a gig they have on Wednesday at a pizza place for St. Patrick's Day.
Tonight, we plan to drop by for the second half of Mike & Susan's mega-band dance at PSU's Smith Center. Familiar territory for me, as I'm there every day!
I need to finish this paper on labor in Colonial America as defined in Crevecouer's Letters. Anyway, I hope to finish it tomorrow after Landon's gig with Danny at Imago Dei--the same church Sharla & Jen go to.
Friday, March 12, 2004
Last day of classes for winter term, but not the last day I have to go--I still have 2 finals next week, and a couple more papers to write before it's all over with. After classes today, I had to go to the stupidest three hour session at Providence. "Karli, what does a 'win situation' mean to you?" "Karli, how does it make you feel when a co-worker tells you what you are doing is wrong?" I wanted to scream! But, I had to sit there for two hours and endure the session, because it is required by my work. Whatever! You do what you have to do!

When I got home, I started working on my paper.

At around 6:30pm, Landon and I left to go look at a house, which ended up being way too far SE, so we ended up giving up and didn't even look at it. Once we were almost at Johnson Creek we decided to turn back. After that, we went to Powell's to get a couple of books--one for my paper, and one for Landon to read. The one I needed wasn't there, but Landon got a good book on US History. While at Powell's, we got two iced chai's, then left. When I walked out of Powell's, I heard Janssen playing music, and lo and behold, there he was--in front of Baghdad playing with Bob. I could tell in the dark and across the street that something was different, and it was--his head was shaved. What will it be next, boy?

Came home and Landon left for session at Mikey's. I started working on my paper and drank one glass of red wine. Sleep then overcame me, and I drifted off . . . off . . . off . . . until I woke up at 7am and started working on my paper again.
Thursday, March 11, 2004
I left the house at 11am this morning after spending about two hours finishing the novel Wieland. I went to Starbucks and read some required reading for my last class in Tolkien. We had a good discussion in American Lit. today. Since I had finished the novel, I was able to contribute largely to the discussion, and a lot of other people kept silent, because they did not finish the novel. It was a good discussion about the effects of alienation and the fallibility of the human mind as demonstrated in Wieland. By the way, if you haven't read this novel, I highly recommend it. It is a great novel. I would also recommend Native Son, which, in my opinion is one of the greatest novels of the twentieth century.

After classes, I came home and started doing research for my paper on the definition, function, and justification of labor in eighteenth-century America. We have to create our own arguments about a single text we have read this term, so I came up with the above topic on my own. I still need to work with it a bit more before I know for sure what my argument is, but it will come to me--hopefully sooner than later!

This evening, we met my parents (and Mike & Tracy) at the Holiday Inn on Columbia Blvd. for dinner. My parents leave bright and early tomorrow morning for HAWAII! Fun, fun! I'm envious. Hawaii is a lot of fun, and two of my siblings will be meeting them over there next week. My parents will be over there for two weeks. I think I would actually like to go to Tahiti more than Hawaii; actually, anywhere in French Polynesia would suit me just fine.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004
Woke up
Went to class
Read for an hour and a half in the study hall
Went to class
Came home
Typed up 30 pages of notes in two and a half hours
Shrunk the notes down to a 6.5 font so it would all fit on one page, front and back to be used for the exam tonight
Went to Fred Meyer to get non-food items we are out of and some pasta salad for the potluck at class tonight
Went to class, took the exam, ate some pizza, left
Came home and read 100 pages
Fell asleep
Tuesday, March 09, 2004
I had the pulmonary functions test this morning. It took over an hour, and was an uncomfortable test to undergo. My lungs are functioning normally, as the test came back normal. The nurse told me when that happens, they usually schedule a metacola test that tests for asthma. I've had shortness of breath (sob) for a few months now, and they are trying to figure out what it is causing it.

I went to work in the evening, then came home and went to bed by 10pm, as I was very tired. I skipped doing homework this evening, and will do more tomorrow.

Monday, March 08, 2004
Today was such a beautiful day out!

Well, we lost a house, because we weren't quick enough to make an offer. Landon hurt his back this weekend, so we were unable to go look at the property. We had already driven by it and decided we liked it very much, but hadn't seen the inside of the house. I drove by today and peeked into the windows. We called the realtor that had sent us the listing, and she was going to meet us at 9pm tonight and we were going to try to make an offer if we liked it, but they accepted the first offer they got this afternoon. The first offer! I am so annoyed, because the house was perfect and in the best location we could have hoped for. I am so bummed now, because we lost it due to not acting quick enough. I guess we learned our lesson.

Nothing else new except for homework. I'm overly tired lately. I don't know why, except for that I'm working really hard in school.

Sunday, March 07, 2004
Today, Landon slept for most of the day. He is feeling a little better, but is still heavily influenced by the pain medication he took in the middle of the night and all day yesterday. He decided to not take any medications today, but has still slept almost all day from the medication that he took up through the middle of last night. He seems to be feeling a tad bit better, and plans to go to work tomorrow, but I sure hope he isn't pushing it by trying to go to work, just because he despises laying in bed all day long. The thought of laying in bed for another day makes him want to go to work, but I don't think he's ready to, personally. But, he can make his own choices.

I did homework, went to the library and did some research, and then came home and made Landon lunch, then dinner. I did the dishes, cleaned up the apartment, did some laundry, took care of the cats litter and food, and then did some more homework. Mike & Susan stopped by on their way home from mega-band practice in SW Portland to check on Landon (I hope to see me, too!). Just kididng. Anyway, they stopped by, then I updated my blog, Landon fell back asleep, and I did more homework. I didn't get nearly as much homework done this weekend as I had planned on, but somehow, I'll get those papers written and those books read in the next 10 days. I'm sure looking forward to spring break.

Ciao for now!
Saturday, March 06, 2004
Sharla lost the contest, which I was very disappointed about, but what can you do??--nothing!

Friday (yesterday) ended up being more eventful than I documented below. After I made that post, Landon got home with some take-out Thai food, and after we ate, he went downstairs to the basement to get some of his laundry so he could get ready to go to session. Because our laundry had fallen so behind, he had to wear shorts to work on Friday, which is okay as far as his dress code is concerned, but he didn't want to wear shorts to session, because, let's face it, it isn't summer yet. Anyway, he went down to the basement, and I was doing the dishes. The basement is right below our apartment (obviously), and I heard him yell. Thinking he was getting attacked down there, I bolted downstairs, only to find him on the ground, which initially was even scarier. I soon learned that his back had gripped him with so much pain, that he couldn't even move. It took some time, but he finally got upstairs by crawling on all-fours. Once he got into bed, he was completely unable to move. He stayed this way all night. Neither of us got more than an hour or so of sleep all night, because Landon was in such excruciating pain. I finally got up and had a shower to get ready to take him to the ER at 5am, but then Landon decided he wanted to wait until 9am when urgent care opened. At 7am, Mike and Susan came by with a belt that helps to alleviate back pain. It's like a back brace. Landon put that on, and seemed to be doing a little better, but then his back started hurting really bad all over again. Slowly but surely, we got him out to the car so I could take him to urgent care. Before this, Mike and Susan left, because Susan had a consulting job she had to be at by 9am in Forest Grove.

Before we went to urgent care, I stopped at Starbucks, but (obviously) Landon stayed in the car, since getting in and out of the car is one of the most painful things for someone that has back pain. We were the first people at urgent care when they opened, so Landon was able to get in right away, but unfortunately, the MD was not very professional. We got what we were after, though, which was pain medication and muscle relaxants for Landon's back. He was also given a shot of torodal in the right-hand side of his lower back. This was supposed to help relax the muscles, which it did. We went to Fred Meyer's and had the prescriptions filled (ultram and flexeril), then came home.

Landon took the medications, then fell unconscious. I read all afternoon until I left at 6:30pm to go see "White Knights" at the Keller Auditorium with Cindy. It was so amazingly beautiful. I would recommend this ballet to anyone. We went to the presentation beforehand, and had a glass of champagne. It was such a beautiful ballet. I just loved it, and every time I see a ballet, I stop and ask myself why I don't go more often. It is one of the most relaxing things to watch, not to mention one of the most incredible forms of dance art around. I can't believe people can move their bodies in those ways without contracting major problems with their bones and muscles. But, what do I know!??

When I got home, I read for another 45 minutes, then went to bed. Landon didn't even budge, because the medications had knocked him out so completely.
All I can say is that I wanted nothing more than to sleep well, because I hadn't hardly slept a wink the night before. Tomorrow is a big homework day, after all!
Friday, March 05, 2004
Today I had an MD appointment about something that ended up being no problem! So, that was good news.
Other than that, I attended classes, and studied.
Landon is going to pick up Thai food on the way home from work.
I had a pretty good day all-in-all, although I'm overly tired today (don't know why).

I hope that I get everything done that I need to get done this weekend in preparation for finals.
I have about 400 pages to read (at least), 3 outside sources I need to get for research for a final paper, and two papers to write (not including the one I'm doing research for--I'm going to write that next weekend).

My Mom & Dad are leaving for Hawaii next week--wish I could take off right now! Hopefully, we'll be able to go on a trip this summer. That would be a nice reward!

Thursday, March 04, 2004
I studied all day, and also took some time to try to get more votes for Sharla.
If you haven't voted or if you have people that you know that could vote, call them or e-mail them and have them vote, because it is still a very close race!
"Hot for Teacher Contest"
Wednesday, March 03, 2004
Today I received an exciting letter in the mail! As it turns out, I am one of 30 students who hold a 4.0 GPA in the English Department, and was selected for the Nina Mae Kellogg award. I plan to apply for this award in the coming weeks. Here is a copy of the letter I received today:

Dear Karli,

Congratulations! You are one of a small group of outstanding seniors the Nina Mae Kellogg Committee would like to invite to compete for the 2004 Senior Award, a substantial cash prize awarded for excellence in English. We would love to hear from you and would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to submit your work. The award also included recognition at the Nina Mae Kellogg award ceremony in May, 2004.

To be considered kindly:
1) Tell us about yourself in 500 words or less, your academic work, and future plans.
2) Submit one paper that you have recently written for an English or Writing class and which reveals your strengths as a writer.
3) Ask two faculty members to submit letters of recommendation to our committee.

Please submit all materials as soon as possible or by Friday, April 23, 2004. This year the award ceremony will be held on May 19th, 2004 and the committee will need several weeks to consider all applicants.

We are looking forward to seeing your application soon!


Michael Clark, Chair
Nina Mae Kellogg Committee
Tuesday, March 02, 2004
I'm very tired. I can tell this is the end of the term. I am constantly on the go. I am tired of thinking and using my brain. I can't wait until spring break so I can veg out and work full time at a job that doesn't require any brain power.


She's in the lead tonight by 2 votes! Every vote counts!
Click on the Hot for Teacher Contest and submit your vote today for Miss Sharla!
Monday, March 01, 2004
I entered my friend, Sharla, into the Hottest Teacher Contest on 105.1 The Buzz, and they selected her as a finalist! Now, before Friday, March 5th, you must go to to vote for her! Look under the Hot for Teacher contest under Dr. Doug, Daria, and Skippy's section. Cast your vote, because she is just trailing one other candidate (Mr. Chris). There are 10 in all. If she wins, she gets a free top of the line lap-top computer.

Don't delay! Vote for her ASAP so she wins! Also, forward this on to your friends and family to get even more votes for Sharla!

I had my physical today, so hope all the results come in okay. I had to miss classes for the first time this term because of the appointment. I plan to study all afternoon until I have to work at 4pm.

As a reply to your comment, Mom, I didn't go to see the movie at the Baghdad with Mike & Susan--only Landon did, and he really liked it, but I can't remember the name of it.

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