Friday, February 13, 2004
Today we celebrated Valentine's Day! I got Landon a new pair of shoes (Sketchers), and he got me two CD's, and something else is supposed to come tomorrow in the mail on Valentine's Day. I was really happy about the shoes I bought for Landon, because right when he went to take off his other shoes, he noticed the sole was coming off the shoe, so I couldn't have timed that better. Plus, when I met Landon, we both had Sketchers, so it was reminicent to buy him the same brand of shoes he and I wore when we met.

Landon took me out for a surprise restaurant. When we got to the street the restaurant was on, that was when he told me what it was. The name of the restaurant is Fratelli's--it is an Italian restaurant in the Pearl District. It was very VERY nice! He treated me to a great meal, and we were in there for about two hours. We had the best flat bread before the meal. It was very good, and then I ordered a chicken/rice dish, and Landon ordered steak/potatoes. Both of us agreed we have never tasted potatoes, rice, chicken, or steak that was this good. It tasted like it was made by the best chef in the world. It was so good! We each had a glass of red wine, then wanted to order creme brulee, but they didn't have it, so we passed on dessert, and came home and went to bed.

Oh, I forgot to say that I bought a new outfit from Ann Taylor, which I wore last night, and it made me feel really good to wear such a nice, new outfit!! I also got new black shoes from Meier & Frank, so wore those, with new tights I bought at Ann Taylor, and a new bra/underwear that I bought at Meier & Frank. So, I didn't wear one thing last night that wasn't brand new, except for my necklace and earrings.

It was a great early Valentine's Day! Landon treated me very special, and we had a great time.


P.S. Once I got out of classes today (I had a mid-term in American Fiction), I didn't do any homework all afternoon or evening! It was nice to take a break from homework. Since I didn't do any homework today, you can guess what I'll be doing all weekend, however!


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