Tuesday, February 10, 2004
Today was insane. I woke up at 7:30am and started reading. Sometime around 10am, I went to see if I could find the shrimp in the aquarium. Landon bought it recently for 10.00, and it climbed up the aquarium into the filter somehow, and lived in there for a week before Landon found it. Anyway, this morning, I went to see if I could find the shrimp, because it had gone missing sometime yesterday or the day before again. We assumed it was in the filter again. However, it was not, as I found out at around 10am. It was on the floor by the aquarium in a big dust ball. I called Landon, and he told me to put it in a glass of water to see if it would come back to life somehow. When I did that, its arms and legs moved a little, but it was only because the water was soaking in and softening the tissues again. I had to flush it. It was NOT a good way to start my day, let me tell you! Plus, I never want to drink out of that drinking glass ever again. I should have thrown it away before it got mixed up with the other dishes. Now, I'll probably have to drink out of it again at some point, because I won't know.

You would think this would be enough--well, my day was about to get worse. I was crossing the crosswalk across Barbur to catch the bus. As I was waiting for all the lanes to stop before crossing, this truck slammed on his brakes really hard so I could cross. After he stopped, I started crossing, and when I was crossing right in front of his truck, this woman rear-ended him at about 45 mph. She didn't even see he had stopped, because she did not appear to slow down at all when she hit him. Her 2004 Toyota Camry was totaled, and the front bumper was somewhere near her windshield. This really scared me, because I was in front of the truck when he got rear-ended. Had it been a lighter vehicle, I may have been run down. I was so scared. I didn't stick around to give my report as a witness to the police, because my bus came just then, and so I left and went to PSU. As the bus was pulling away, I saw the woman and the guy in the pick-up pull over, and both got out of their vehicles, so at least I know they weren't seriously (at least not visibly) injured.

Today was the day I had to give my presentation in American Lit., and I was so shaken (not to mention nervous) that I wasn't as relaxed as I would have liked to be. I tried to lead a meaningful class discussion, but you could totally tell that many of the student's hadn't done the reading, so they didn't have anything to say. So, instead of leading a class discussion, I had to basically lecture on the text, which wasn't fun since I was shaken from the accident that I felt was kind of my fault, even though it wasn't. I was crossing a crosswalk--it wasn't my fault that the guy slammed on his brakes, because I was waiting to cross before crossing. It wasn't like I ran out right in front of his car. And, obviously the other car wasn't paying attention to slam into the pick-up without even braking. It was very scary. The poor woman's nice new car is totaled, but luckily no one was killed. I could have been killed had the pickup been a lighter car.

I'm at work right now--I'm just glad this day is almost over. As you can see from my blog, I have done nothing but homework for the past two weeks night and day, and so tonight, I'm not doing anything but just watching a movie and relaxing after this hectic and stressful day.



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