Friday, February 20, 2004
After these things, I went to the Aalto Lounge with Patrick, Landon and Cindy. Before that I went to Oasis with Landon and Cindy and had some pizza. When I got to the Aalto Lounge, I noticed later in the evening that the end table that I gave to Janssen about two years ago that used to be my parents from the 70's was there. It was very weird, and made me feel sad, so I might go see if I can get it back from the Aalto Lounge. I don't know if Janssen gave it to the previous owner, or if the owner got it at the Goodwill after Janssen took it there. I have no idea!

Landon is going to get some ski gear this weekend for a ski trip with his co-workers next weekend. Landon at one point used to ski quite a lot with his Dad, so is looking forward to the trip. I'm not going to be going with him, though, because I have a couple 10 page papers to write.

Actually, now Landon says he isn't sure if he will still go on the ski trip. He doesn't know if he wants to buy all the equipment if he's only going to use it for one day.



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