Friday, February 27, 2004
My Mom came up to Portland today and sat through Friday classes with me. She took better notes than I did! It was probably pretty boring, since she isn't taking the class, only sitting in, but she said she thought it was interesting. In between classes, we went to Park Avenue Cafe for an hour and a half.

After classes, I foolishly got us on the wrong bus, but it ended up going up Corbett instead of Barbur, so it was only a block from where I normally get off. We then got in our cars and drove to Tigard to pick up Landon, then drove to Sherwood to meet Mike & Tracy for lunch. It was pretty fun, but the rain was pouring down, and it was difficult to drive in.

On the way back from lunch, I was headed to work, and very closely escaped being part of a 16 car accident on I-5. I had slammed on my brakes to merge with a semi just before I rounded a corner in the Terwilliger Curves and came upon cars completely stopped. Since I had just slammed on my brakes, I was able to stop in just enough time to avoid rear ending the semi, and the semi behind me was luckily able to stop before rear-ending me because I had just slowed down for the merge, which made him slow down. Otherwise, I would have been sandwiched between two semis and not been here to type about it. The girl next to me didn't have such luck as I, and, in fact, was rear-ended at 55 mph, flinging her car like a catapult into the median. Both cars were steaming, and there were car parts all over the freeway. I edged my way between the semi and these two cars that were now blocking most of I-5, only to come upon 14 more cars that were involved in different accidents within a mile of each other. The last 2 cars I came across were by far the worst, and the drive of the totaled honda/SUV accident was being placed on a stretcher by paramedics as I passed by. All this time, the rain was pouring down, the sun was glaring, and a rainbow was decreasing visibility. I got off I-5 at the Corbett exit, took Ross Island Bridge, and only began to calm down as I was sititng in a gas station getting gas. I was pretty shook up by this whole thing for the rest of the night. I'll never forget seeing that semi behind me looking like he was going to rear-end me, and then hearing a huge crash right next to me. Those poor drivers! I felt very lucky to escape with my life, not to mention with my car in one piece!



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