Sunday, February 22, 2004
I got up this morning, took a shower, and headed to Fireside Cafe to read. I was only there for about thirty minutes when a really strange dungeons and dragons group showed up and started having a discussion. At first, I ignored them, but an hour later, they had become very distracting. Landon was already on his way to Fireside--he decided to walk from our apartment across the Hawthorne Bridge to the Fireside. Once he got there, we read for another hour, then left. We went to Trader Joe's to get some stuff for dinner (Landon wanted to make homemade pizza again). We invited Mike & Susan and Cindy over for dinner. They only stayed for dinner, then left, because I still had quite a bit of reading to do. Before they came over, I was reading non-stop (except for an hour nap I took). Sometimes, when I'm reading it is near impossible not to fall alseep unless I'm sitting upright. This nap I planned, though, because I wanted to stay up until 11pm reading, and my eyes get tired when I read for 10 hours a day, which is a regular thing for me these days.



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